Tag You’re It! Friday Funny (1)

I don’t know about you but I’ve had “one of those days”…but mine has lasted several weeks now.  There’s still snow on the ground here in Alberta, Canada; Spring was all ready to peek it’s way into the week but then snow returned.  *Sigh*.

So I thought I’d play a game with my fellow bloggers.  It’s a way to shrug off the winter-time blues and jump into Spring…well at least do some “Blog Hopping” into Spring!

For the next four Fridays, starting today and through Friday, April 15th, I thought it would be fun for us all to post a silly story, poem, anecdote, picture, cartoon etc. etc. on our individual blogs.  We all need a laugh!

If you want to join me in the fun, fellow bloggers post something “funny” on your blogs for the next four Fridays and then leave a comment here or email me at woundedtrilogy@gmail.com with a link to your blog.  I will be “screening” links so only clean, family friendly humour PLEASE!   Please also copy and paste into your post:“I’m playing “Tag You’re It!  Just for Fun!” on Lynn Dove’s Journey Thoughts.”  I will post your blog link here on Journey Thoughts and I encourage all my readers to “hop” over to those blogs.  Readers, please leave a comment at each blog you visit.  (Bloggers love comments!)

This is just for fun…this is just for laughs…but for those who leave comments over the next four Fridays on my blog, I will send them a free “e-gift”!  So, are you ready to play?

Tag You’re It!”

These cartoons made me laugh out loud!  Enjoy!

Gotta love this one too!

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7 Responses to Tag You’re It! Friday Funny (1)

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  2. Taylor says:

    I’m joining up for Funny Fridays 🙂
    Here’s my post: http://ayamegusa.blogspot.com/2011/04/what-week.html

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  5. Louise Permes says:

    Hey nice and sunny in the valley today. I think we have crocuses and tulips starting to come up. I’m sorry to hear that you still have snow. I’m glad I live here now.

  6. Anne Payne says:

    I posted a cartoon!

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