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After Oct. 31st, 2017 Wounded Trilogy Books will be:

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Complete Trilogy: $30.00 per set plus $15.00 shipping and handling

Take Note!!!  Substantial discounts for orders of 10 books or more!



3 Responses to Merchandise

  1. Sheila Bovee says:

    Early this am, I was searching for verses on mourning and found your site. It felt like I instantly found a sister in Christ. My sister in law 2 weeks ago had her workplace tragically terrorized. Though she is physically unharmed, she is grieving. Then my son, at college, had to stand against a friend that was hurting girls spiritually and emotionally on his campus and faced much persecution for that choice. We are still walking this tragedies. But in this there is great Joy. We are closer to the Lord than ever in our life and daily we see the broken and share Christ’s love and the gospel. His word is truth. Thank you for pointing people to His word and the wonderfully saving grace of Jesus.
    One story to share with you….
    I am a teacher, and in the middle of all the craziness of the above, I suddenly felt I should pull over on my way home to call my son (above crisis. He is out of state). This just a few days after the San Bernadino attack that effected our family. On the sidewalk is a Muslim woman, probably doing her daily prayers (as she is sitting on sidewalk at bus station). But something in my heart (ummm, the Lord) says she is hurting and I pull over the car and pray. I then go to her, sit on the sidewalk with her and ask her if she is okay. She says something in her heavy accent about going to her mother’s home on the bus. But then she starts to tear up. I tell her “you are not okay” while looking her in the eyes and holding her hands. She weeps and shares she was just released from jail. I embrace her and tell her that it doesn’t matter what she has done or what I have done in the past. I told her about my family being involved indirectly in the terrrist attack and that I didn’t blame her for what others did. I described how the Jesus of the bible came to this earth and died for all those things. I apologized for christians that act hateful, as that is not the Christ of the bible. I shared that when I followed Him, my life changed and I can love and forgive. Then her bus came. I gave her all the cash I had (not that much…lol. And actually my mom’s money I was suppose to return). I hugged her and said that I loved her and Jesus loved her. Weeping she boarded the bus. Ironic thing….this wasn’t “me” at all. I was, most of my 45 years, a lover of the Word, but too fearful to be a do-er of the word. Not now. Tragedy has refined me. Life is too short to ignore the wounded. Jesus never did. I have other similar stories in the past few days; one at the pharmacy drug store and one in the bathroom at the movie theatre….sharing Jesus where God plants us (even in public restrooms). Just subscribed. Is there anyway I can order paper copies of your grief blog? There has been much loss at our church this past year and I would love to share the blog and especially the verses. Thank you for sharing the heart of Jesus. Let us always depend on His Word. It is truth in a world of lies. It is Grace and Hope in a world of despair. Love in Christ, Sheila from California

    • Lynn says:

      Thank-you so much for sharing! In answer to your question, feel free to share my blog with whomever you like online and if you wish to make paper copies of that particular one on grief, I give you permission to do so as long as you credit it to

  2. Google says:

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this web site’s
    posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.

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