I’m the Cause of Broken Children

I’m the cause of broken children and I’m proud to say it!Imparting-Faith-Spread-18

From the very first moment I held my children, my goal was to raise and create an atmosphere in our home that fostered broken children.  I even prayed for it!

From the time I started to teach and minister in my church, my hope was to see and rejoice in the fact that I had a hand in working with broken children.

It should be the goal of every parent.  It should be the goal of every faithful teacher.  It should be every grandparent’s goal.

Be the cause of broken children!

Broken children…broken before the Lord.

Each one of my children have gone on their own journeys with the Lord.  Each one of them said “Yes” to Jesus at a young age and then those tumultuous teen years hit and as much as we tried to mentor them in their spiritual walks, each of them eventually had to find their own way.  It was a bumpy road for each of them.  It’s STILL a bumpy road and I spend a lot of time praying for my children and now my grandchildren as they discover their own faith, rather than just accept their parent’s beliefs without questions.  Asking questions is healthy.  Experiencing God on their own is healthy.  Even struggling to find a church family to better  “fit in” is healthy.  It may mean leaving the church they grew up in and for me that was a tough thing…letting them go.

Selfishly, I didn’t like it when my oldest daughter and son-in-law decided to attend another church after they were married but God had a plan for them with another church family.  They are “planted” and growing in their church.  My heart sings for joy as they serve the Lord there.  My son and his wife are also attending another church and both actively serve there.  Although I miss my family all gathered together on one pew with me, I thank God that they are being used by Him for His purposes and building His Kingdom.

My youngest is trying to figure out her path.  She readily admits it’s a struggle.  She attended seminary for a year and probably ended up with more questions than answers at the end of it.  Still, I see God nudging her and caring for her even when she doesn’t seem to notice.  He has protected her and loved her and continues to pursue her.  She doesn’t acknowledge it right now, but she will, as long as she keeps her spiritual eyes and ears open to Him and not to the world’s louder callings.  It may require a radical “breaking point” for her before she truly understands how much He loves her.

So, I rejoice for broken children.  For when they truly break before the Lord, only then will they truly be healed!





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