Mother’s Day Is All Year Long

The Mother’s Day tributes have been showing up on social media for over a month now.   On T.V., the commercials highlight ways you can spend money giving your mother the “perfect” gift, or taking her out to her favourite restaurant, or pampering her with spa days.  One jewelry store advertises on T.V. a mom who is hinting for a gift from a son or daughter who were challenging her when they were growing up.  I guess the idea is to shame children into buying a beautiful bauble to make up for their poor behaviour in the past.  What??

That’s not what Mother’s Day is all about.  Just sayin’.

Through the years, I have received all kinds of gifts from my children on Mother’s Day.  I still have a varied collection of hand-made cards from each of them when they were in preschool.  A construction paper masterpiece that oozed with white glue and stuck to my hand when I opened the card.  Inside, unrecognizable crayon drawings they had to explain to me so I understood their artistic license with clarity.  As they got older, store-bought cards replaced the handmade ones; my oldest daughter choosing more sentimental, flowery ones, my son and my youngest daughter choosing cards more comical in nature. I have received gifts and flowers from each of them and I cherish the sentiment behind each gift.  Truly I am well-blessed.  However, that’s still not what Mother’s Day is all about.

My kids, enjoy sharing comical anecdotes about growing up whenever we all get together and Mother’s Day is no different.  It seems it is the one day they not only honour me, but feel free to lampoon me too!  It’s obvious by some of the stories, many of which I have no knowledge or recollection of, that I wasn’t always the perfect Mom, but they love me anyway.  Good to know.

My own mother was very adamant that we not make a big deal about Mother’s Day for her.  She said, “If you haven’t treated me with honour and respect throughout the year, don’t try to make up for it in one day!”  That resonated with me as a teenager and I suppose I’ve communicated that to my own kids as they were growing up too.  Mother’s Day should be celebrated year round!

For me, it’s the little “I love yous!” that each child expresses to me on a daily basis.  Texting me for no reason, just to see what I’m up to.  Dropping in unexpectedly, sometimes with the intent to cook me supper or to bring take out.  My son, phoning at least once or twice a week just to see how I’m doing (and then asking me for some kind of favour 😉 )  Some things never change!

On Monday, I face a lengthy surgery and an even longer recovery.  I will admit that I haven’t had much strength leading up to this surgery to cook or clean my house.  I found out yesterday that my kids have arranged for meals to be taken care of during my recovery for my sweet husband and I.  On Friday, knowing I can’t have a big meal the day before surgery, they are celebrating early with me and have planned a family get-together where I don’t have to lift a finger!  Best of all I know they are praying for me daily!  I praise God for my three “Gifts” who call me, “Mom.”   They honour me every day of the year and I am well blessed!


How are you honouring your Mother, not just on Sunday, but every day of the year?  Leave a comment!





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All I can say is, “WOW!”  Such an incredible honour to be shortlisted in two categories in the 2019 Word Awards that celebrates Canadian Christian writing.

This year, the shortlists were announced by live stream thanks to Castle TV and I was watching it on my iPhone.  I nearly dropped my phone when my name was called for my personal experience article “Canada’s Grief“.  I was already doing a happy dance then, but when they announced “Journey Thoughts” was shortlisted for Best Blog of the Year, a new award in memory of David Mainse, (founder of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. and YES TV), I actually dropped my phone on the floor!

Before the live broadcast to announce the shortlists for the Word Awards, I had been listening to praise music, humming and enjoying some relaxing quiet time.  If you read my blog post yesterday, you know that I’m in a waiting time.  As I shared, it’s hard waiting.  So, I immersed myself in praise music this morning and God spoke loudly again to me through one song, “Yes I Will”.  (Vertical Worship)

“I count on one thing
The same God that never fails
Will not fail me now
You won’t fail me now
In the waiting
The same God who’s never late
Is working all things out
You’re working all things out”

“You won’t fail me now, in the waiting…”  I have been singing that line over and over and over for a few days now.  I don’t like to wait and I don’t like to be kept waiting.  I am prone to worry, and the last few days have been a struggle for me physically but listening to praise music this morning I was able to praise Him in the waiting!  He knows my anxious thoughts and gives me His Peace.

The focus immediately comes off of me to dwell where it should be, on the Lord Almighty!

“Yes I will, lift You high in the lowest valley
Yes I will, bless Your name
Oh, yes I will, sing for joy when my heart is heavy
All my days, oh yes I will”

Today, God has blessed me.  I am thankful for writing accolades, every writer likes that kind of recognition, but that is only a very, small part of journeying with God.  It is in the everyday.  It is in the times when I can’t write, when I don’t have the words or the strength to pen a line.  When I am alone, with my disquieting thoughts and the enemy is taunting me with words that discourage, that I cry out to the Lord and He answers.  He has never let me down!  I feel His presence and know He IS with me in every situation!

“And I choose to praise
To glorify, glorify
The Name of all names
That nothing can stand against
And I choose to praise”

I am so thankful today.  I am thankful for the writing honours.  I am thankful for my life.  I am thankful for a God Who encourages me in unimaginable and unexpected ways!

Now I get to wait for the Word Award Gala on June 14th!  Can’t wait!! LOL!


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Waiting Is Hard

Walking through those familiar doors, my heart raced remembering the sights and sounds I had thought I had buried and forgotten.  It was so strange being here again, thankfully I could feel the firm press of my husband’s hand gripping mine, or else I might have hesitated and not have had the courage to go through those doors.  Knowing he was there, gave me confidence I didn’t think I possessed.

I remembered the corridor leading down towards the lab.  The desk and waiting room were unchanged.  I half expected to recognize a face, a nurse, a doctor or a patient, but even though the place seemed familiar, the people there had changed.  I waited for the smell that still haunted me nineteen years later.  It had been a part of my whole cancer experience in 2001, when chemotherapy treatments wafted in and around and through me.  The smell was unmistakable and yet I did not smell them now.

I was ushered through another door and into an examining room.  I had prayed for this day.  Three weeks of medical tests, and doctor visits and follow-ups had led to this appointment at the Tom Baker Cancer centre.  It was nothing I ever wanted to repeat again, but here I was nineteen years after breast cancer now facing surgery to remove a large mass growing unhindered on my right ovary.

All the doctors, including the one I met with that Monday, were non-committal about the mass being cancerous.  She said only a pathology report would confirm that, which meant I needed invasive surgery to remove it.  I had already prepared myself for that.  I had done my research.  I knew what lay ahead of me.

I certainly do not like the prospect of surgery.  I don’t think anyone does.  Still it’s a means to an end.  Surgery will hopefully put an end to the unpleasant symptoms I’ve been dealing with now for over a month.  It will also determine if the mass is benign or cancerous.  Praying for the former, but preparing myself for the latter.

The worst is the waiting.  It’s been one waiting room after another these last few weeks.  It’s waiting for lab results, CT scans, and ultrasounds.  It’s the wait for an actual surgery date (which I haven’t gotten yet).  It’s waiting for phone calls from doctors and from the hospital.  It’s being put on hold while I wait.  I’m not only “on hold” on the phone, but also on hold participating in various activities and events I’d been looking forward to, but have to wait with now until I’ve completely recovered from surgery.

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary cruise had to be cancelled.

It’s hard waiting.

A young friend posed a question on FB yesterday: “Life has SO MANY waiting rooms… Tell me, what God has taught you in waiting?”

Here’s what God is teaching me:

  1. I’m not alone.  While I wait, I’m surrounded by friends and family who are waiting with me.  I feel their prayers surround me.
  2. The enemy likes to discourage me, but I am constantly encouraged by God’s Word to ward off the attacks of the enemy.
  3. God is in control.  His timing is perfect.  If I must wait, there must be a good reason for it that goes beyond lengthy medical wait times.
  4. God is my strength.  When I am weary, I lean on Him.  He’s got me sheltered in the palm of His Hand!
  5. God provides me with peace.  I may not understand why I’m facing this health challenge at this time, but I have peace that God is with me in every waiting room and He will be with me through surgery, recovery and any other treatment I may need.

I appreciate all your prayers, dear readers, as I wait.


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