LightUntoMyPath%20-%20BibleI remember having to write numerous essays on “How I spent my Summer Vacation”.  As an English teacher I told myself I would never assign that kind of tedious writing assignment to any of my students.  Still, I do enjoy asking my students what they did over the holidays and most recently what they did over the Easter Break.  I already know that many went travelling, and there will be many more who just stayed at home and had what we like to call a “Staycation”.

On April 1st my cousin’s daughter arrived for a visit from Denmark.  She has already been to New Zealand and Bali and Canada is her big stop before heading back home at the end of May.  We have spent the past week, showing her the sights near to our home and seeing the beauty of Alberta afresh through her eyes.  Scenery we’ve taken for granted, she finds breath-taking, and we gain new perspective on the beauty around us.  Truly we are blessed!  We spend time comparing her world and culture in Denmark, to our world and culture here in Canada.  She asks us questions about Canada, that I have to “Google” answers for because I honestly do not know everything about this big country of mine.  I’ve learned things about Alberta I’ve never known before as we play tour guides and we lead our enthusiastic tourist around with us.

I remember when I lived on the west coast that even though I lived near the ocean, I did not spend a lot of time by the ocean shore.  It’s interesting that when we visit the coast now, I am drawn to the ocean and can not get enough of it!  Living near the Rocky Mountains now, with a spectacular mountain view just outside of our front door, there are days I barely give it a passing glance.  Our Danish guest has taken so many pictures of our view over the last few weeks that I look upon the view with renewed interest.  Seeing the ordinary in our lives through the eyes of someone else makes it extraordinary!

I am currently teaching a series of lesson plans on the Miracles of Jesus.  I am having my Grade Six students retell the stories creatively through art, video or PowerPoint and I am sure that I will gain a whole new appreciation for the familiar stories that have read so many times.  Just like the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily, taking time to appreciate creation around us, I pray that I will always take time to appreciate the beauty that is also found in Scripture.  I pray I will not take the precious Bible stories for granted, but see each story with fresh perspective and enjoy a “Staycation” at home in the Word!

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”  Psalm 119:105


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  1. Joseph Mbogo says:

    Thank you for your e-mail. Thank you for that information you have given us; thank you for that help you want ton send there not all people have such kind of Merciful, God Bless you we are also praying for them, it is unfortunately that we cannot reach there due to distance from here, we are. Please when you are praying for them, remember us here, there is a lot of Flood which carrying people and their properties and also pray for my Gift.

    Yours Joseph Mbogo. God Bless You.

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