Ever Have One of Those Days?

One of my favourite children’s books is “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day“.  The plot line is simple:

From the moment he wakes up with gum in his hair, things just don’t go right for poor Alexander. When Alexander gets out of bed, he trips on the skateboard and drops his sweater into the sink while the water is running and at breakfast, his brothers, Anthony and Nick reach into their cereal boxes and find amazing prizes while Alexander ends up with just cereal.

In the car, on the way to school , he is “scrunched” and he doesn’t get a window seat.  At school the teacher criticizes him for his “invisible castle” drawing and his mother forgets to put dessert in his lunch.

After school, at the dentist, he is the only one with a cavity.  His foot is slammed in an elevator.  He doesn’t get the running shoes he wants.

Even at home his day doesn’t improve when he’s served lima beans for dinner (which he hates), there is kissing on TV (which he also hates) and finally he has to wear his railroad train pajamas to bed (and, you guessed it, he hates his railroad train pajamas).  No wonder Alexander wants to move to Australia!

The book ends with his mother assuring him that everybody has bad days, even people who live in Australia.

Ever have one of those days?  How ’bout one of those weeks?  Months?  Years?

We went camping last weekend.  It was a wonderful time to get away and on the last day I got up from my chair and felt something “snap” in my knee.  A visit to the doctor confirmed that I had torn some ligaments in my knee.  He told me to elevate, ice, and stay off of the leg for at least a week.  Unfortunately that put me down for the count to teach at VBS (Vacation Bible School) this year.  I LOVE VBS and it would only be the second time in over twenty-five years that I haven’t been involved with VBS.  That sort of bummed me out.

Of course the weather just happens to be the nicest it could possibly be and I am stuck in a recliner, elevating, icing, and staying off my leg…indoors.  I feel restless and I’m having just a little bit of a “whoa is me” party at all the fun I’m missing.  Then God puts it all into perspective (as He usually does) when I start whining and complaining, bringing to mind those dear ones who are struggling far more than I could even imagine today.

One of my friends is having mastectomy surgery today.  Another is undergoing more chemo treatments because her cancer has returned.  One of my son’s best friends is laid up for six weeks with a broken knee cap (a soccer accident).  Another dear friend just lost her mother-in-law, another friend is grieving the loss of a dear aunt.  Here I am bemoaning the fact that I have a sore knee when others around me are struggling so.

My son posted on his facebook wall the other day that “your additude determines your laditude.”  All that registered with me was that he had incorrectly spelled “attitude” and “latitude” and I called him on that.  Made fun of him a little even.  I didn’t even ponder to think about the wisdom of the words (misspelled or not).  (Sorry Brett).

According to Scripture your (my) attitude towards life, circumstances and towards all people should be like the Lord’s (Gal. 5:22-23).

I definitely needed an “additude” adjustment and God pointed that out to me today.



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2 Responses to Ever Have One of Those Days?

  1. Hy Lynne,
    I found your recent blog insightful and honest. Yes, we’ve all had those days. As a fellow author and translator I can relate to your plight. My wife and I have two adult children, and although they can be annoying and demanding, they can still offer up words of wisdom. We have to be ready for those special times. We have elderly parents( my wife’s father was recently moved to a nursing home) and they present unexpected challenges. All the best and God Bless you in your writing.

  2. Marianne says:

    God is faithful that way, it’s us who don’t always listen.

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