I Wish I Were a Perfect Parent

“I may not always be right, but I’m never wrong!”  My Dad used to say and then wink at me because he knew better than anyone what a ludicrous statement that was.Useless question


The word sometimes sends shivers right through my veins.  I never claimed to be a perfect parent, far from it, but if success could be measured in effort, I think I could at least claim a passing grade.  My children might disagree.

I tried not to let the same words careen from my mouth as my parents spewed at me.  I caught myself once or twice (okay, maybe a dozen or more times) when I would hear my mother’s voice suddenly come from out of me when reprimanding my own kids, and I would actually turn around to see if she were there behind me pointing an accusing finger in my direction.  I tried not to use the same lame logic my father would use on me when I tried to reason with a belligerent child.  Unfortunately I would shake my head, just like my Dad did, when my child looked at me the same way I must have looked at my own father when I was their age.

“Yeah, whatever.”  In one ear and out the other.  No wonder my Dad had gray hair.  I was the likely cause of most of them.

Someone asked me what age I preferred to parent: Baby, Toddler, Preschool, Child, Middle School, Senior High…?  I just shook my head, just like my Dad.  I have gray hairs from each era, each of my three children “peaking” at different ages to test my parenting prowess.

I had one single phrase I cried out repeatedly throughout those years, “Lord, help me!”

And He did.

Every time.

When I did not have the wisdom, or the strength, or the energy to face another day parenting my three strong-willed children, I cried out to the Lord because I knew only One Person could claim the title of “Perfect Parent”.  When I needed encouragement as a parent, He was there, comforting me through His Word.  When I needed wisdom, He gave me Godly friends who gave me sound advice and occasionally a shoulder to cry on.  When I needed energy and strength to help with class projects, put together birthday parties, attend school concerts and the like, He supplied my needs.

Lastly, when I sometimes focus on how rotten a job I am doing as a parent, He reminds me how much I am loved.

“Mom, could you help me?”

“Mom, where’s my….?”

“Mom, I need….”

“Mom, thanks!  You’re the best!”

I may not be perfect…but I’m okay with that.

(For parents who need a little encouragement from other parents who have “been there, done that”, pick up a copy of “Chicken Soup for the Soul – Parenthood” in stores now.  My story, “Do Angels Wear Glasses?” is on page 89.)

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4 Responses to I Wish I Were a Perfect Parent

  1. djb7771db says:

    To me the perfect parent is one who loves their children to death and is always striving to help their child develop and mature into adulthood properly. It has much less to do with being right or wrong and more to do with just being there for your child. Good article. Any article I can find on parenting I look forward to reading it now. God bless!

  2. Janice says:

    Nobody is prefect though.

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  4. There IS no such thing as perfect…it’s just us parents doing the best we can…

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