A poem about Bullying by Charlene Soileau Bolton

Show me the Bullies!Charlene read my post: To This Day  recently and shared with me this powerful poem she wrote.  I am hoping all my readers will share this impacting poem with everyone they know.  Thank you Charlene!

A bully used to be the kid who always picked on the weak ones

He’d get up in our faces, shake his fist & spoil all of our fun.

He would run after us at recess yelling “I am going to catch you!”

We’d run terrified & screaming, never quite knowing what to do.


Always lurking around in the shadows, looking for someone to harm

Pushing us up against our lockers & punching us in the arms.

No! Don’t ever go to the school bathroom; We’d rather hold it all day

If he catches us in there alone, there would be a huge price to pay.


Fast forward to the year 2013 & a bully’s description quickly changes

Bully’s today show no mercy & quite simply, act like they are deranged.

Who in their wildest dreams would have expected this to occur?

Do we allow them to break a young child’s spirit, I say to this, No Sir!


This child that they now torture has by no means had an easy road

He is shy & he is lonely & he’s tired of carrying a big load.

LIFE needs to have all bullies feel the sting of every punch & ugly word

So that they may realize the agony & everything that this poor child has heard.

Maybe then they’d  see the pain that they inflicted on an innocent kid

And soon would feel remorse; trying to fix every bad thing that they did.


In today’s world a bully uses deadly weapons instead of words

Even growing bold enough by bringing guns to school; Absurd!

Schools should always be a safe haven where a child can stay unharmed

But instead the only action taken is that the bully is only warned.

Cyber Bullying by computer has now grown into something that is chilling

Name calling has now been upgraded to a vicious unrelenting killing.


Kids who dare to wear their hair dyed, funky clothes & goth-like style

Are the targets of such hatred, & they begin to feel hostile.

Their only answer is to make the bullies pay for what they’ve done

So they shoot an entire school up, this is how a tragedy is begun.


Suicides are at an all time high, kids are tormented until they are crazy

Humiliated & alienated, too many jumbled feelings; it all becomes so hazy.

Finding no way out of their nightmare, they sink into a deeper sadness

Never knowing that help is out there; Yes, there is a way out of this madness!


Scream about it, tell your parents, yell it out so people hear it!

Tell your teacher, tell your counselor, tell your preacher & Holy Spirit!

Grab a neighbor, a policeman, a social worker or someone’s mother

Make the principal HEAR your words, & gain the support of others!

Go to the biggest guy on campus & tell him of your plight

Get a transfer to a nicer school, one with ‘No Tolerance’ for fights!

Do not stop until someone listens & they help you win your battle

Because a bully becomes deflated once his cage is found & rattled!


written by:  Charlene Soileau Bolton

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    i love your picture

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