Friday Funnies – Thanksgiving and Fowl Weather

Ok, did you get the punny title?  Well here in Alberta, three days before our Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, I am seeing a little skiff of snow on the ground.  Always amazes me how fast the weather turns here!  So I found some funny “fowl” pictures to cheer me up!







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4 Responses to Friday Funnies – Thanksgiving and Fowl Weather

  1. German Carrizo says:

    Pretty sharp and graceful.!!! You made me laugh a lot.!!!
    Thank you.!!

  2. Debbie Adkins says:

    Awesome, I live in West Virginia, we little township called Barbousville, but these posts are great, and it’s good to hear from Canada. It’s going to be 70 degrees here tomorrow and the leaves are still yellow and red, but likely to fall in a couple short weeks, thanks again!

  3. I enjoyed the info on thanksgiving so much. also the funnies were hilarious! Made my day!

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