Friday Funny – Working Out!

To say that I’ve got some major pain going on in my muscles and joints right now would be a drastic understatement.  My husband and I decided on our 36th Engagement Anniversary to not go out for dinner (like we have done faithfully for 35 years to celebrate), but to go and get a gym membership for me and work out together instead.  My husband has been weight lifting for years and knows his way around a gym really well.  He is fit.  I am not.  He said he would be my “personal trainer” and I said, “Fine, as long as you don’t make me mad.”  So far he’s kept his side of the deal but though I’m not mad, boy, am I sore!

Now to all those who think it is my New Year’s resolution to get fit, you would be wrong.  It is pure vanity.  I plan on spending time on a few beaches in the next year and I’m attending my son’s wedding in August and I was stressing out over finding a bathing suit (for the beach) and a dress (for the wedding).  I don’t much like clothes shopping for me.  My five foot two inch frame is compact and may I say compressed.  I am quite content overall, but I am starting to look more matronly and I’m just not ready for that!  I see “hot” grandmas like Goldie Hawn, Suzanne Somers,  and Jane Fonda and I get inspired to look like them.  (Whatever you do, don’t Google “hot grandmas”…you may go blind 😦 )

The problem is modeling myself after celebrities who are tall, statuesque and let’s face it…there’s a good chance that their husbands are not their personal trainers, is ludicrous.  So I have to be more realistic.  I could certainly stand to lose some weight and in the process lose some inches, width-wise not height-wise, and hopefully that will lead to feeling better health-wise.  In the meantime I definitely relate to these funnies:

Fairy Godmother

Too Short


thighs clapping

I run

Running Woman

And finally:


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4 Responses to Friday Funny – Working Out!

  1. Awi Emmanuel says:

    Thank so mach for encouraging words,may God of all knowlegde be with u and us Amen.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Stick with it Lynn. You will be glad when your energy starts soaring.

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  4. janyceresh says:

    You go girl!

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