Fall Travels

My husband and I are on our “Grand Adventure” as I have called it, traveling for four weeks in our fifth wheel.  I have often remarked to my husband that we could very easily live in our little home on wheels permanently.  It has everything we need in a compact, easy-to-vacuum space!  The one set-back of course is that if we were to park our rig to live anywhere in Alberta over the winter months, we would never survive the frigid weather…which means we need to always be parked in sunny, warm climates…hmmmm, this sounds better and better all the time!

But seriously…

We are heading south into the States for a little R.& R. and as I have said in a previous post, we areFlathead Lake, Montana retreating with the Lord and seeking His direction for the future.  We don’t like to admit it, but we are creeping up on those “Golden Years”.  A time to contemplate retiring and seek a new career purpose, other than the 9-5 work day grind.  For many retirees it means travel, golf, spending time pursuing hobbies etc.  For us, it means deciding whether or not to “downsize”, move, and figure out how we’re going to live these “Golden Years” to the fullest.  It means asking God how we can serve Him in these years ahead.

My husband and I like to explore new places.  We enjoy a good adventure.  Interestingly enough, our Pastor calls walking with God as the “Greatest Adventure of a Lifetime”.  I tend to agree.  Life has certainly not been dull for us.  Certainly there were some pathways God has walked us down I would have preferred to have bypassed, but it’s all part of the adventure I guess.

So, we’re in the touring mode, figuratively and spiritually speaking.  I’ve got my camera at the ready and I’m snapping the fall colours as we travel.  Truly we are just awestruck by God’s creation all around us.  We sometimes get lost and laugh or fret at the twists and turns and U-turns we “tourists” must make to get us pointed in the right direction again.  When we hole up in our trailer at the end of the day, we look at all the pictures I’ve taken and we talk about the new sights we’ve seen that day.  Then we praise God for giving us this opportunity to travel together and with Him.

The adventure continues…



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  1. Carol says:

    If you’re in AZ later email and drop in to see us. We stay at a rv resort called Towerpoint

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