Oh What A Feeling!

Lynn gets her book "proof"This has been an extremely busy week on so many fronts for me.  Unfortunately in the midst of all this busyness my vacuum cleaner still continues to grow more and more cobwebs…ah, but that’s another story…

This week, I was busy planning for a jewellery sale and silent auction at our church with all money going to support missions.  It was a ton of fun and we raised $585.00!  While planning that event I was also answering questions and enjoying interacting with my online students at the CSBS seminary.  (I’m teaching an online master level course there called: Principles of Biblical Teaching).  I was also going back and forth with my publisher regarding promoting and marketing my book and then I created my own website for Shoot the Wounded.  Whew!

I was actually so busy I didn’t do a lot of writing this week, … not to mention vacuuming…

Then tonight after spending almost the whole day setting up and then participating in the jewellery sale at church, I came home more than a little exhausted from the day, as well as the entire week’s activities, until my husband pointed to a package that had arrived for me sometime during the day.  I was a little perplexed what it was but absolutely squealed with delight when I opened it to see the first copy (proof) of my book, Shoot the Wounded.  Okay, I more than squealed, I jumped up and down too!Laurelle reads the acknowledgments

It is truly the weirdest feeling to see my name on the front cover of a book.  It is so surrealistic in so many ways.  I had to share the feeling with my family and phoned for my daughter and her husband to come over and then I had Laurelle read the acknowledgments I had written that I had waited with sharing with them until the book was in print.  It was so special to see her with my book in her hand, reading it aloud for us, and their reactions when each of them were mentioned!

So now the “fun” begins I guess.  I have had a little glimpse how busy I will be promoting this book, definitely I’ll be doing something way out of my comfort zone.  In the next few weeks I’ll even be planning a Book Launch party too! 

My poor vacuum cleaner…I hope it doesn’t feel too neglected!

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