Book – Released! November 2, 2009

Shoot the WoundedI suppose an author has truly ‘arrived’ when starts selling your book!  That’s what happened yesterday, and as soon as I found out I put the word out to my Facebook friends and within minutes a few of my U.S. buddies had said they had already placed their order!  Wow!  The power of FB and online shopping!

I can’t believe all the support and encouragement I am getting from so many people here in Cochrane (and my church family and friends near and far)!  It is so true that when you become a Christian, you are part of a larger ‘family’ no matter where in the world you live.  From Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the U.S. and coast to coast in Canada, brothers and sisters in Christ have Facebooked and emailed me encouragement.  Truly I am overwhelmed!

Living in a small town for close to fifteen years also has its advantages.  I know most of the store merchants by name.  There is such a familiarity and friendliness there!  The other day I dropped off some marketing packages to promote the book and they were eager to help put the word out that there is another new “local author” in town.  In fact, Mary Lou at Bentley’s Books wants to host a book signing for me before Christmas!

I was at my kids’ school yesterday and many of the parents, teachers and students know that I have published a book.  I am overwhelmed by their response and support.  I’ll be doing a book signing at B.C.S. in January.  One of the moms there asked me if I was “proud of myself” for writing a book.  It caught me off-guard slightly.  I suppose “pride” may have it’s place, but for me this is all about God.  I have a hard time taking credit for something that I know is all about Him.  He gave me the ability to write, He gave me the passion for the written word.  He gave me the opportunity to write, and allowed me the time, place, motivation, finances etc. to publish a book.  Most importantly He gave me a “world” of friends, family, and local community who encourage me every day, whether or not I ever wrote a book!

I am more than blessed!

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