I’m convinced that the hardest thing in the world to do is say “good-bye”.  We have spent the past two weeks in Comox, B.C. attending the great “Gathering” – the Dove/Keating Reunion.  Thirty eight family members (and four dogs) 🙂  It was the first time in twenty-eight years that my husband, his sister, brother and father were all together.  It was also the first time that my husband’s ninety year old father was able to play a round of golf with his two sons and his grandson, Brett.  Brett had the privilege of presenting his grandfather with the 2011 Dove Open trophy.  Yes, at ninety years old, Charles Sr. still has the best golf swing of them all!

It was a wonderful weekend, filled with laughter, great food, spirited “Ladder Golf” competition and memories that for me will surely last a lifetime!  But like everything, there comes a time when we have to say “good-bye”…

I’ve discovered I’m not good with “good-byes”.  My son, Brett had to fly home early to Alberta so he could join his church’s youth and college group on mission to help build the Worsley Baptist Church, an additional eleven hour bus ride from our home in Cochrane for him.  Although I knew I’d see him in a week, I wept like a baby saying “good-bye” to him at the Comox airport.

I somberly watched as family members embraced and packed up the tents on the Sunday to finish up “The Gathering”.  I watched Grandma Etta hugging on her four daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She is blessed that her family lives relatively close to her, but still having them all together for a weekend was for her a memorable and emotional experience.

I held back tears when my husband, Charles said “good-bye” to his Dad and his siblings on their last night together.  With his sister living in Ottawa and his brother in England we just pray it will not be another twenty eight years before they are all together again.

But for me the hardest was saying “good-bye” to my daughter, Laurelle and grandson, Jaxon, this morning as they flew back to their new home in Louisville, Kentucky.  I had prepared my heart to let them go, but still I choked on the word, “good-bye”.  Certainly we’ll see one another again…using up all my airmiles in the process no doubt, but still “good-byes” make me melancholy.  I long to be reunited again.

So today as I ponder “good-byes” and how hard they are to say, I think of how glorious it is when we say “Hello” again.  I suppose that’s what make “good-byes” bearable.

"The Gathering" - 2011



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  1. Marianne says:

    Love it Lynn, especially since i just came back from a reunion of my own…a workplace reunion. Some of my co-workers i haven’t seen since i quit there 9 years ago, some longer. and again we vow to keep in touch! Until then…

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