Fitness Quest Continues

This morning I spent another hour in the gym and my quest for fitness continues slowly but surely.  Now I never claimed that I was a fitness fashionista, but I did buy some trendy spandex the other day because I felt a little conspicuous in a ratty t-shirt and cut offs.  It’s sort of the way that all those guys must feel who take up biking.  You have to have the apparel to even jump up on a bike!  And I’m not even talking about riding Harleys either!  I mean it’s a given you have to wear black leather with painted on eagle wings for that…no, I’m talking about those tight, multi-coloured, wind resistant suits for serious pedal bikers!  Wow, and check out the helmets too!  Star Wars designers couldn’t do it any better!

It’s the same in the gym.  You just don’t draw the kind of respect…or attention if you’re not wearing some brand-name foot wear like Adidas, or Nike or in my case Skechers, and unless you’re ready to actually do some Yoga, don’t be wearing any of those Yoga pants onto the treadmill.  It’s a major faux-pax, at least that’s what I found out after the fact.  Nope it’s important to have the right duds for the right workout.  In my case spandex…and it has become the most important motivation for me to work out as never before AFTER seeing myself for the first time in spandex!

Do you wonder why they put mirrors in a gym?  I say it is to accentuate the fact that the mirror blatantly reminds us that the spandex we wear (as a fashion statement) accentuates every curve, bulge, and roll so that spandex-wearing individuals work harder and longer in the gym to get rid of all those curves, bulges and rolls!

And I thought all I needed was a personal trainer to motivate me to run faster, jump higher and go on a diet.  Nope, just need spandex! 🙂

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