Standing Up for What We Believe – Defending the Truth

I am looking forward to seeing the latest movie “Monumental” that I believe will be just as life-impacting as the recent Christian-themed movies like “Fireproof” and “Courageous“.  Granted the movie, “Monumental” may not get the same kind of response from Canadians because it is decidedly “proudly American” in content, I say it’s message will have as much an impact on Canadian families as American families because the principles it talks about in the movie and the Godly foundation is relevant for both nations. To those of you who have not heard of these movies, just click on the links for more information.

Recently, Kirk Cameron, who will star in the movie, “Monumental” was interviewed by Piers Morgan on his CNN talk show, and as is always the case when a Christian is interviewed by someone who does not share the same belief system as the actor, Kirk was asked to defend his beliefs not only to Piers but to Piers’ viewing audience.

It is about Kirk’s comments about homosexuality that has elicited the most response.  It won’t surprise my readers that the “world” has slammed Kirk for his comments saying that homosexuality is “unnatural” and “destructive”.  His words taken entirely out of context may I add.

In my opinion, Kirk responded to all of Piers’ questions with grace, poise, gentleness and he spoke truthfully.  Unfortunately the backlash for those comments may follow Kirk for a very long time to come.

As Christians, we are oftentimes called upon to defend our belief.  We get asked the tough questions and it takes courage to answer those questions truthfully, in keeping with scripture, when the world is so opposed to Christianity.

I applaud Kirk for taking a stand, saying exactly what he believes to be true, and I hope he will continue to speak the Truth to a lost world.

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  1. Reblogged this on Cerebral – Finding a place for my thoughts and words and commented:
    The fact that such low budget films have gotten the enormous feedback they have makes me feel closer to God he is giving us real movie makes that are not following the mainstream – I could name an actor’s church here but I choose not to. We need to see this, repost it, spread it to the world. Listed we all grew up with Kirk Cameron, he has shown through years of t.v. and film, being Christian doesn’t have to be set aside in order to do so.
    I am also a fan of “Fireproof” and “Fighting the Giants” they are truly family friendly movies, now wow this is PG!!! Oops. Makes us watch movies first. We want them to know that all can be saved. Hey just look at me. Thank you Lynn for letting me re-blog this

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