Trees – Guest Posting by Sean

005 Christmas treesTrees.

Trees, although you may not think so, are like us.  They grow like us, they need water like us, and they are made by God; just like us.  You may not think that trees are a big part of Christmas, and they really aren’t.  So I think of them as a metaphor.  In many ways they symbolize our walk with God and God Himself.

They are like us because when they are saplings they are dependent.  They are weak.  They are in need of things, and people.  We also are in need of people, and when I say people I don’t just mean family and friends (they are an important part of life and we need them) but I mean God.  With God we are not weak and we are not exposed to people who will tear us down – like trees might get cut down.

Trees are like our walk with Jesus because they grow strong and become more involved with nature.  Like trees when we walk with God we gain a better  understanding of Christianity and become stronger in our faith.  Although we will still need people to lean on occasionally.   But when we need people and they aren’t there we can always lean on God.

So this Christmas, is God the star at the top of your tree or is He the stand which you hide with a tree skirt?

Sean M. is a a great eight student.  In his free time he likes to paint and play volleyball.

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