How Do We Fit Into God’s Story?

As we end 2012 and look expectantly ahead to 2013, I must take time to reflect and prepare.  Yes, it’s been a tough year.  We have lost some loved ones recently and my heart continues to grieve for those dear friends and family members whom we have lost this past year.

On December 19, my dear father-in-law, Charles Dixon Dove, passed away at the age of 91 years!  He leaves behind a legacy of faith for his children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren.  He will be greatly missed by his wife, Etta and all the members of the Dove and Keating Families.   It is so hard to say good-bye, but we rejoice in knowing that there willDSC01092 be a great reunion someday with him and other loved ones in heaven.

I take comfort knowing that God is always in control.  Joy WILL come in the morning.  It’s hard to understand, but it’s true.  For us as a family, along with grieving our personal losses of precious friends and family, we’ve had another “roller-coaster” year, with other ups and downs in our lives that have left us with motion-sickness at times.  Again, I take comfort that even with all the twists and turns, God is STILL in control.

I have been reminded time and time again that we are part of God’s ultimate Story.  We actually have a chapter written especially for us and about us.  Oh, it’s not complete yet for us still living in this world…it’s a work in progress and as every writer knows, there are times for revisions, editing and occasionally times to just delete and start over.  That’s the way it should be.  God writes our story.  I don’t know exactly how the story will unfold in the day-day telling; God is very good at keeping us in suspense, but He gives little clues along the way, to keep the plot interesting.  He is a Master-Storyteller after all!

I love how God builds our character along the way.  Writers know how important it is to a story to have good character development.  God knows that.  Even a flawed character like me  can grow and change appropriately to fit into God’s story line, and to be used for His glorious purposes if I am willing to be shaped into the character God can use.  It’s an adventure!

Dad Dove knew that well.  He lived a life that modeled his love and faith everyday to his family and friends.  He lived knowing that his life here on earth was just a small prologue to be added one day to the Eternal Book of Life.  The prologue is now finished for Dad and I feel confident that the closing line to that chapter now reads: “Well done, good and faithful servant!”


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