Shoot the Wounded is a Semi-Finalist

AUTHORSdB has announced the semi-finalists in its Book Cover Contest. Amongst the Young Adult contenders is “Shoot the Wounded“, the first book in my “Wounded Trilogy”. Voting will commence on November 23rd and end on December 15th, 2013, and anyone can cast a vote daily for their favorite cover design. 50% of viewer votes compiled with judges votes determines the finalists and winners of each category.

Artist, Caleb Dow Booth designed all three covers for the “Wounded Trilogy” (Shoot the Wounded, Heal the Wounded and Love the Wounded). He has a unique perspective of the world that is evidenced in his paintings, from having lived in Texas; Budapest, Hungary; Alberta, Canada; and most recently in Italy. This cover design for Shoot the Wounded is a first for Caleb, using oil paint as his medium, he has sought to create a veiled narrative that will cause viewers to discover the message of the book by asking questions about what they see depicted on the cover.

To vote, click on the book cover and vote for daily.  (You will find stars under the cover or under my author name to vote.)  Giving it 5 stars means you really love the cover!  🙂

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