A New Year’s Rant

imagesHLE81U44I thought I would get it out of my system…start the New Year off by ranting about a few things that have actually bugged me for years.  Now before you immediately berate me for being a Christian and feeling the need to rant at all, I like the way that John Piper stated it:

“The fact that Christians are exiles on the earth (1 Peter 2:11), does not mean that they don’t care what becomes of culture. But it does mean that they exert their influence as very happy, brokenhearted outsiders. We are exiles. “Our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 3:20). “Here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come” (Hebrews 13:14)….”But Christian exiles are not passive. We do not smirk at the misery or the merrymaking of immoral culture. We weep. Or we should. This is my main point: being exiles does not mean being cynical. It does not mean being indifferent or uninvolved. The salt of the earth does not mock rotting meat. Where it can, it saves and seasons. And where it can’t, it weeps. And the light of the world does not withdraw, saying “good riddance” to godless darkness. It labors to illuminate. But not dominate….”The greatness of Christian exiles is not success but service. Whether we win or lose, we witness to the way of truth and beauty and joy. We don’t own culture, and we don’t rule it. We serve it with brokenhearted joy and longsuffering mercy, for the good of man and the glory of Jesus Christ.” By John Piper. ©2013 Desiring God Foundation. Website: desiringGod.org

A friend said to me the other day remember to speak with Truth and Grace.  You cannot do one without the other.  So here goes, just a few pet peeves of mine that I feel the need to rant about.

To all those who will sing the National Anthem at a sporting event this year: LEARN THE LYRICS first!  Nothing is more embarrassing for the home team or for the fans to have some individual belt out the wrong rendition of O’Canada or the Star Spangled Banner…and whatever you do don’t try to combine them…it doesn’t work!!

To those fans and players at sporting events who think it’s perfectly okay to scream obscenities at officials or players…think again.  There are children in the crowd or watching on T.V.  They learn sportsmanship from adults and they mimic what they see adults do.  Monkey see, monkey do applies here.  If you want your children to not turn out to be little monkeys, stop acting like boorish orangutans in the stands or on the playing fields or ice arenas.

I am sick and tired of hearing young people swear.  Actually I am sick and tired of hearing profanities spewed by anyone constantly in public, on buses, in the mall, and on the large and small screen.  There is no need for obscenities.  I’m tired of having my ears assaulted with swear words when I’m watching a movie or watching T.V.  I’m upset when I hear a great song on the radio and then when I download a song for my listening pleasure, the lyrics are filled with expletives.  Radio stations are luring people to buy albums by cleaning up the content first before taking to the airwaves.  If it has to be censored before being played on the radio, don’t play it.

I am absolutely fed up with weaving around cigarette butts thrown onto the ground.  It is disgusting.  If you smoke, please avail yourselves of the ashtrays and receptacles meant for disposing of cigarette butts.  Also, those of you who feel the need to throw cigarettes and cigars out windows of cars:  FOR SHAME!  Having witnessed first-hand a devastating grassfire caused by one carelessly tossed cigarette, smokers need to be held more accountable for damage caused and for fire-fighting costs.  A fire tax perhaps?

If you ski, or snowboard, stay within the boundaries.  To those daredevils who want to stray outside the ski hill boundaries and set off an avalanche, or get lost or injured, all costs of rescue should be incurred by the individual or the family of the individual.  Same holds true for those who decide it’s a good idea to drink and drive.  Not only should there be mandatory jail time, loss of license and probation but there should be hefty financial compensation awarded to victims and families of victims that the drunk driver must pay.  There must be stiffer penalties so people will think twice about drinking and driving.  Prevention is best but if a tragedy occurs there should also be systems in place to counsel families who are grieving on BOTH sides.

Politicians…you’re supposed to represent the people.  If you break the laws of the land…like smoking crack, or exposing yourself online, or spending money that was never yours to spend…resign.  Don’t run again for public office.  You would think that would be a given but apparently Rob Ford in Toronto doesn’t seem to get it.  I am already cringing at the jokes that will be leveled at him and at the good city he is supposed to represent and at our country for allowing such silliness.  What a sham!

Lastly, this is directed to those Christians who may say “Amen” to everything I’ve ranted about so far, but may balk at what I will say next…”remove that plank from your eye”…

Jesus called for us (His Church) to conduct ourselves in manners radically different inside and outside of the church walls.  Don’t look for what your church can do for you but what you can do for your church! (to paraphrase a famous Kennedy speech 🙂 )  Are you complaining about the preaching, the teaching, the music, the mission, the youth program?  Are you looking for a church that will meet YOUR needs rather than serve the church in helping others meet theirs?  You’ve got the concept of church wrong people!  We’re to give ourselves away, in love, in ministry, in service.  Want to change the church?  Change yourselves first.

I’m done.










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4 Responses to A New Year’s Rant

  1. Bobbi says:

    Feel Better? 🙂 I’ll be posting my mini-rant on my blog shortly. T’is the season to get it off the chest, right?

  2. May Van De Wark says:

    Good thoughts Lynn!



  3. Joanna Sormunen says:

    Yes, we need to purify ourselves. I need to purify myself with God. To be able to be the salt here on earth.
    I agree with you on so many of these things, they need to change. But the change is only possible through Christ. We must not jump into changing the culture but start by changing hearts.

  4. coboll says:

    Agree with this totally!

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