25 Phrases that Make My Whole Day!

Encouragement from God

When I read Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages” book way back when, I found that I could respond well to each of the “languages” all dependant on the day I was having.  I don’t really have a primary love language as he describes in his book, but when I am feeling discouraged a word of affirmation makes my day.  When I have a busy day any act of service to take the load off of me…like my kids helping me with housework speaks volumes of love to me.  When my husband surprises me with flowers or any little gift, I can’t help being thrilled!  Camping and spending quality time with my husband and my children is always the best!  Lastly, a fierce hug from any of my grandbabies just melts my heart, and a tender embrace from my husband…well, you know…

I’ve compiled some phrases I love to hear.  Some of them are not necessarily spoken by my loved ones either…you’ll see what I mean 🙂   If they are not enough for you, just re-read the graphic at the top of the page.  Jesus’ words of encouragement will definitely make your whole day!

“I love you!”

“Honey, I’ve made reservations for dinner.”  or “Honey, I’m bringing home dinner!”  (Either is good.)

“Mom, how can I help?”

“Grandma, will you play with me?”

“Take another 40% off sales items already marked down!”

“You’re entitled to an upgrade!”

“You’ve won!”

“You’re the best!”

“You’ve got to hear what God’s been doing in my life!”

“You were right and I was wrong.”  or a heartfelt “Sorry!” is good.

“I’ve booked our flights!”

“Do you need a back rub?”  (Or shoulder rub, or foot rub, body massage…any or all is good!)

“I need you.”

“What can I get for you?”

“You look great!”  (or fantastic, beautiful, excellent, DY..NO…MITE…you get my drift).

“I was just thinking about you and thought I’d call.”

“I saw it in the window and had to get it for you!”

“I made this just for you!”

“I love spending time with you!”

“Thanks for supper, (or lunch or breakfast, or the snack) it tasted great!”

“Thanks, Mom!”

“I can take care of that for you.”

“Keep the change!”

“I love reading your (books, blogs, stories).”

“Thanks for…”  (It can be anything that I may have done and was appreciated by the recipient and if that’s followed up with a “Thank you card” you’re tops in my books!)

(I was just thinking that if these phrases make MY whole day, I’ll bet they would make someone else’s day as well…so pass them along and speak them often to those people who would be blessed by you saying them!)

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