Dusk & Dawn

I taught a creative writing course at the Christian school I teach at and I promised to highlight some of my students’ work on “Journey Thoughts”.  I know you will join with me in applauding their outstanding work and I hope you will be as moved as I was by their inspirational writing!

Dusk & Dawn – a poem by Timothy and Elijah (Grade 8 students)

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” – Robert Frost

Exposition – by Timothy

I stand here on this peaceful dusk,

As sunset starts to gleam.

A golden shade of peacefulness

Majestic sunset’s beam.

The world is tired, filled with wear,

The villages asleep,

And soon to wake, when dawn sets in,

When sunlight becomes deep.


The mountains stand in harmony,

Protecting those who sleep,

The summer air caressing them,

For no, they do not weep.

And so they stand there purposely,

For fear they do not know,

And they protect whole-heartedly,

Beneath the moonlight’s glow.


And now the moon shines high, oh high,

And lights upon the stream,

That ever peaceful midnight scene,

This tranquil, lovely gleam.

A single shining moonlight’s sheen,

For blissful summer’s stream,

I stand there in the half moon’s glow,

This peaceful summer’s dream.


I stand here on this silent morn

The dawn is coming in

The river seems it’s ever still

Before the morning’s in.

The world hath not awakened yet

The silence here so grand

And such a lovely morning scene

This peaceful country land.


The sun comes peeking through the clouds

And lights upon the trees

That turn all luscious shades of green

Like gentle summer’s breeze.

It makes them dance so gracefully

Such bliss it fills my soul

As river ripples peacefully

And life now feels so whole.


A Kayak comes, two men aboard

The silence takes them too.

They are part of morning’s scene

As sun comes smiling through.

The harmony enlightens me

And I’m part of this scene

Sitting by the lazy river

Morning so serene.


Body – by Elijah

God creates these wonderful scenes,

That take your breath away.

It’s an image of intricate artwork,

So look at this beautiful day.

Just one of God’s amazing perks,

So come on and play.

The scenery around you is unbelievable,

Think for a moment and pray.


Coda – by Timothy

We are safe ‘neath His mighty hand,

We are His masterpiece.

Created in His likeness,

His love will never cease.

He will not tire, will not fail,

For sins He did repay.

We are safe ‘neath mighty gales,

And He’ll guide you today.

So do not fear, whatever falls,

For grace shall guide the way.

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1 Response to Dusk & Dawn

  1. cykrebecca says:

    Reblogged this on JREmembrance and commented:
    Such beautiful words from children, inspired by the beauty and tranquility of nature. God bless these little ones, and may they continue to bring Him glory as they draw on His beauty and might in creation, to create words that touch people’s hearts and reveal the One who is called the Prince of Peace, Lord of lords, King of kings, Emmanuel, Alpha and Omega, Mighty God, the Great I AM, the One and only true Living God!

    As I admire the picture embedded in this blogpost, I couldn’t help missing the Canadian Rockies so so much it brought a tear to my eye… Such is the power of the beautiful majestic mountains, that moves my soul within, calls me to attention every time I am near. For it draws my focus on their Creator who is far more greater than they are, and infinitely more gorgeous and mighty than all of them combined – His Majesty, The Lord of everything, The Lord, our God. Bless The Lord. Bless God from all of me. ❤️

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