Love (A Spoken Word)

Here is another inspirational poem by one of my students.  Enjoy!

Love (A Spoken Word) by Bethany (Grade 7 student)

Living, Jesus Loves Us

Everyone is consumed by His unconditional, unending love.

God’s strong arms are open for everyone.

Even the ones we push down, the ones we pushed away.

Jesus loves the people who laugh at you and call you a clown.

The people who are starting to stray, and couldn’t be enough.

His call to repent was not just given to the righteous and holy, but also to the sinners,

the murderers, the liars, the hated and the haters.

Living, Jesus Loves Us

He restated knowledge that we are all equal was spread.

We are called to love the sinners for we are included in that name.

For those who are found no longer stumble in the darkness,

but are brought back to the light.

Living, Just Loves Us

We judge and blame but in the end we are the same.

We hide things in ourselves we don’t want to share.

A hole burns in our hearts that we only know how deep.

But you can’t let yourself all into the bottomless pit

But instead reach out for God’s strong arms

Be consumed by His love and saved from the harm.

For if you don’t react soon, it will be too late,

and when He comes back your sin should be too great

Your sin should be too great.

But it’s not, it’s truly not.

Living, Jesus Loves Us

Jesus’ mercy is an ocean that will not fail to catch you

And what a glorious day that will be when God’s love consumes you like waves.

Because He loves you, He loves all of us.

No sin too great, no shame too deep.

Living, Jesus Loves Us

His Word is like a double-edged sword

protecting you from harm.

God is worthy of our praise day and night

We can join in with the creatures in heaven singing

Holy, Holy, Holy

is the Lord God Almighty

Who was and is to come.

For if God is for us who can be against us.

If the Creator of the universe

loves us unconditionally

who can stand against us?

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  1. honey says:

    so deep ❤

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