On the Road Again

rv_there_yet_shower_curtainAn interesting week in Las Vegas to be sure.  As we plan on rolling up the awning of our 5th wheel and start heading for home, we take with us countless memories (and pictures) of our “Great Adventure”.  Being away more than a month, it almost seems like we’ve been away a year…we’ve seen and done so much!  However, we can’t put off going back to reality although the temptation to go further south is definitely there!  Now that we’ve experienced what retirement may look like as full-time RV’ers, I’m not nearly as trepidatious about traveling and living in our little home-away-from-home long-term.

Still, there were some ups and downs along the way.  I had a little tumble down some steps coming out of a restaurant in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Twisted my right ankle and my derriere suffered some colourful bruising.  I was so worried that my little fall would mean a trip home earlier than expected, but except for the bruising I was up and walking the next day.

Last Monday here in Vegas, my left leg started to swell, then throb and although I hoped it was just muscle soreness my husband insisted I go get it looked at.  My “Spidey Senses” were tingling, hoping it would not be true, but having experienced one years before, I had an inkling it was a blood clot.  Sure enough, it was confirmed by an ultrasound: a clot just below the knee to the ankle.  Good thing we had it checked out and thank goodness for Traveller’s Insurance especially when we had to fill the blood thinner prescription!  For those of you Snowbirds from Canada, who are planning to travel to the States or anywhere, do NOT leave home without medical/traveller’s insurance.  We were shocked by the cost of the prescription: $1000.00 US!  Not to mention the cost of the emergency room visit and the medical tests which we estimated to be nearly $3,000.00.  That’s quite a hit if you don’t have insurance.

Many of you may be asking what caused the clot?  The doctor suspected it was sitting too long while travelling.  Even though we would stop and stretch our legs when we were driving, they suggested that with my blood clotting history, I need to get out and walk every 1-2 hours to get circulation in my legs.  It also means that although I might like to travel more, I need to go home to my family doctor and I’ll be “grounded” from travel for a few months anyway.  I’ll be investing in some compression stockings before we head back on the road.  It will take over a week to get back to Alberta and there will be lots of stops along the way…more now with my having to stretch the legs.  Take note, fellow RV’ers, I am giving you advice learned through experience 🙂

We texted the kids and they started praying for my recovery to be speedy.  Between the prayers and the blood thinners, I’m happy to say, my leg showed almost immediate improvement and didn’t slow me down too much so I could take in a few more beautiful sites in and around the Las Vegas area before heading home.

This past weekend, we met up with some dear friends who are now full-time RVers and yesterday we took in the NHRA Toyota National Drag Racing championships here.  For car enthusiasts, like my husband, it’s a must-see event to see Top Fuel dragsters hit over 300 mph in 3 seconds!  It’s an experience I will never forget either.

So, would appreciate journey mercy prayers as we travel back home over the week.  Not looking forward to the snow we’re going back home to, but I’m ready to winterize the rig and already counting down the days until we’re RV’ing again next year.







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2 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. David C says:

    We’ve been enjoying your story and your shared thoughts along the way. Thank God you caught the clot in time ! Have an enjoyable and safe trip back and do keep sharing all that wisdom gained from experience. Best wishes from us !

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