I follow Kevin Sorbo on Facebook and Twitter.  I have been a big fan of his ever since he played Hercules on the small screen.  For those of you who do not know, he is a Christian and has worked in several Christian faith-based movies, most notably, “God’s Not Dead”, and he is involved in two major projects now, “Breathe Bible” (lending his voice to an audio Bible), and “Let There Be Light” movie that he stars in and directs.  He is outspoken about the fact that since he admitted that he was a Christian, Hollywood has not been as kind to him as it once was: “…my faith certainly hurt me in Hollywood. I did Hercules for 7 years, it was the most watched show for a good number of years. But then, for me to get called into read for anything – it just dropped drastically when I came out of that conservative Christian closet so to speak. I used to read for a lot of pilots and TV shows, and it’s very rare now.”  He credits independent films for allowing him to continue his acting and directing.

He recently posted a comment with regards to the new movie: “The Case For Christ”, a movie based on the book by Lee Strobel, which is soon to be released.  Sorbo wrote: “Face it… every film is “faith-based.”  It was obvious that he was being purposefully controversial with the comment to illicit thought-provoking dialogue and I can’t help but join in the conversation.

I will admit that I enjoy watching movies.  I will also admit that I have been more disappointed of late that family-friendly, feel good movies are slowly, but surely being replaced with more worldly, profanity-laced, blasphemous drivel that Hollywood seems more inclined to present to the public nowadays.  Hollywood represents the current pop culture around them and caters to the whims of those who are, let’s face it, opposed to a Christian worldview.  Therefore to even suggest that “every” film is faith-based is absolutely incorrect.


The question is how we define “faith-based”.  Certainly if Hollywood is as inclusive (as it prides itself on), of all faiths being represented in some manner in that industry, then that would include all world religions, atheism (which some would argue is not a faith and I would disagree with that…but that’s another blog to write); cults, and lastly of course the Christian faith.  However, though Hollywood is great with putting movies in theatres that have Satanic, witch-crafty themes, and self-centred worldly themes, it tends to shy away from Christian faith-based movies, T.V. shows and actors and actresses who profess their allegiance to that faith alone.  Again, that’s another blog to write on another day, but if Kevin Sorbo suggests that every film represents a faith of some kind, perhaps his statement is correct.  It just depends which faith it actually represents.  Perhaps most of Hollywood is full of idol worship, for example…just look at that Oscar statue…

Now I’m being controversial.

Personally, I think the public would like to have more films that give them Hope, rather than what Hollywood is now pandering to us…just sayin’…

I would like to have your opinion on this topic.  Leave a comment.

Oh, and make sure you go out and watch “The Case for Christ” next weekend.  Let’s all show support for Christian faith-based movies!

Will do!



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