Because He Lives

“Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow…”  I think these are my most favorite lyrics ever written.  The whole song written by Bill and Gloria Gaither brings me to tears every time; the truth of those words impact me profoundly whenever I hear or sing them because they ring TRUE!

There is so much theological truth wrapped up in those seven words!

The fact that Jesus Christ will never leave me or forsake me,

He is Sovereign,

He is in control,

It’s not about me, it’s all about Him,

Were it not for His Grace, His Mercy, His Love, I would be undone.

I would have no future here in this world or in the next…

The world is a frightening place now if you listen to the news.  Hatred abounds.  Yet I can declare with certainty that “Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow…”  There should be no fear if we are followers of Christ.

More than ever, I feel emboldened to share the Gospel with those who do not have that surety of eternal life.  I want to reach out to those who live without the Hope that only Christ can give them.  I beseech my readers to share this post with their friends and family.  Click on the link here: The Gospel Message .  Be bold in your own witness with those who are overwhelmed with world events right now.  Comfort those who are going through trials of every kind.  Share with them that God is in control.  Don’t lose heart and never forget that “Because He Lives, (You) can face tomorrow…”

“Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live.”  John 14:19 





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