In Harm’s Way

As yet another catastrophic hurricane smashes into the Caribbean Islands on a trajectory route towards the U.S. Gulf coast once again, I am glued to the news channels.  First Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, followed closely by Jose, threaten to destroy everything in their path.  Having visited Varadero, Cuba twice, I wonder what will be left of that small resort town after Irma blows through.  There are Canadian tourists stranded there, not to mention all the wonderful people who live and work there.  My heart is heavy with worry for them all.

In Houston, the mop-up after Harvey is barely started, and they may need to brace for another wallop from Irma.  If not in Houston, then Florida can expect to take a hit.  I have friends who holiday there, Canadian Snowbirds who escape winters here to head for warmth there.  What will happen to their holiday retreats I wonder?  The economic impact of Harvey will be felt for years and I’m sure Irma’s havoc will be even more costly.

Then of course, there’s the human toll.  Frightened families who have fled or are fleeing the storms, trying to explain to terrified children why they are forced to sleep on cots in evacuation shelters, or that their homes are no longer habitable.  I cannot imagine it.  But, I have seen the resiliency of people, the heroism and bravery of first responders as well as ordinary people who have come to the aid of those who have lost so much.  I will say it again, crisis can bring about the very best in humanity.

I cling to that as I watch Irma’s rampage now.  There are already people gearing up to come to the aid of all those in need once again.  I can’t be there physically, but I can do my small part by sharing with my readers a few links to credible organizations who will act as the comforting hands and feet of Jesus to those who need it.  Please share this post with all your contacts so that they too may give generously of their time and finances to these organizations:

American Red Cross

Canadian Red Cross

Samaritan’s Purse

NAMB (North American Mission Board) Disaster Relief

SBC Disaster Relief

When you have responded financially to the people in need, then join with me to pray for those in harm’s way right now.

Dear Jesus,

I come humbly before You, asking that You calm the storms that are now spinning out-of-control in the Atlantic Ocean right now.  I pray for Your hand of protection on those people who are in harm’s way right now.  Shelter them, comfort them, and lead them to safety.  Lord, those that do not know of You, may they learn of You and experience You by seeing how Your children come to their aid.  May Christians model what it means to be a follower of Christ, even in the darkest of days or in the most tragic of times.  May we all be found faithful to lift one another up in prayer during this time.

In Jesus’ Name,





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