In Holiday Mode

This Alberta gal has been enjoying a week spent on the west coast. It was a working trip for my husband but in between meetings he took me out for meals and long drives along the ocean shoreline roads.

I love the ocean spray, the smell at high tide and at low tide. I spend a good part of my sight seeing keeping my eyes peeled for any marine life in the ocean. I’m generally rewarded with seeing a seal or two frolic in the surf but my goal is to catch sight of an orca. In all my years of living and visiting Vancouver Island, I’ve only spotted a killer whale once offshore. I have been more inclined to see them from the deck of a fishing boat or during a ferry crossing from the mainland to the island. Still, I keep searching for those black and white markings in the water whenever I am beachcombing.

As much as I love the Ponderosa homestead and the stunning view of the Rockies from our acreage, being near the water, especially the ocean, rejuvenates me! I suppose the ocean is one of my “happy places”.

I would be interested to know where your “happy place” is. It is for an article I plan on writing in the future. Leave a brief comment where you find rest and relaxation, and I may use your comment in that article.

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1 Response to In Holiday Mode

  1. I love the ocean! I grew up in California and so the ocean was a weekly outing. I miss it now since I live on the east coast and inland. Sigh. Enjoy! 🙂 ❤

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