Post Op

It’s been one week now since my undergoing major surgery to remove a fast-growing mass on my right ovary. I’m well into recovery mode now, parked for most of the day in my lounger, being waited on by my sweet husband who always goes above and beyond for me. I feel like I should be able to do more, but my body says “rest”. I know my limitations. My church family lavishes meals, cards and encouragement on me! My kids check on me everyday and my grandbabies give gentle hugs and wonder why I’m in my jammies when they visit. It’s a temporary new normal, I tell them.

For those who have experienced surgery of any kind, finding comfortable ways to sit or sleep can be challenging. However, as I heal, I praise God for those seemingly miraculous recuperative powers He has designed into the human body. I’m being knit together again from the inside out!

I am awaiting pathology reports now. The surgeon admitted the operation was a little more complicated than originally expected, and more lymph nodes were removed as a result. My natural tendency is to fret about it, but strangely I am at great peace. God is in control.

In the hospital, nurses and doctors marvelled at my speedy recovery and released me early. All I said as I left their care to go home was I have an “army” of prayer warriors praying for me! I believe in the power of prayer!

I appreciate all of your prayers, dear readers as I continue to convalesce at home. I am strengthened and encouraged in so many ways by you!

Pray for complete healing, and, that if it is God’s will, those pathology reports would come back clear!


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11 Responses to Post Op

  1. sharonespeseth says:

    Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your positive, hopeful, thankful and peaceful thoughts on how your are handling your recovery. I pray that God will shine his healing light upon you. I appreciate the way you are praising God “for those seemingly miraculous recuperative powers He has designed into the human body.” Your saying, “I’m being knit together again from the inside out!” is a beautiful and brave statement.

    I’ve read your blog several times before responding. In that light I read a quote this morning that I believe suits your faith testimony: “The most beautiful creed is the one we pronounce in our hour of darkness.” (St. Padre Pio)

  2. Gary smith says:

    We love you and your family Lynn. Praying for complete recovery and trusting your healing to our wonderful Father. And, way to go Charles! We know you are serving Lynn well!

  3. Lynn Abbott says:

    Praying as I type… 🙂💜

  4. MeRaw says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  5. momtocam says:

    I have had 6 operations over the years, so can relate to post issues. My last one was in 2012. A few years after this one, I decided to visit a naturalpath, since after this surgery, I encountered problems that was not suppose to have happened. Fast forward to present time, and I am doing great. Praying your labs come back clear. God is our physician (as you know)…blessings…

  6. lpurcell2014 says:

    was just in your “Canada” and thought of you. Praying for complete recovery!

  7. Regina says:

    Praying for you!!!

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