I was noticing the dust starting to accumulate around me. A small spider was doing acrobatics over my head and all I could do was watch his dangling antics parked as I was in my lounger unable to do much about him or the dust trampoline he eventually landed on.

Doctors have been adamant that I not vacuum, lift, or do much of anything overly exerting for the next few weeks after surgery. I’ve never been a Martha Stewart type to begin with, but when I have a Spider Cirque du Soleil happening right over me, it’s time to do something!

My sweet husband has extended himself in every way possible to go above and beyond the call of duty. What with running a business, waiting on me, and juggling other chores, house-keeping unfortunately has fallen last on his priority list. I get it. Still, when I have nothing better to do than watch dust bunnies chase each other around the floor in front of me, I get a bit fretful.

I knew a big challenge for me would be to “rest” after surgery. I know my body needs to recover but it’s not my nature to sit still and let others shoulder responsibilities that are mine. It makes me feel burdensome and inadequate. I want to contribute, but without over-taxing myself. My husband shakes his head and over-protects and directs me back to my lounger. *sigh*

My oldest daughter knows how finicky I am about my house, and how watching spiders pirouette around me will ultimately lead me to distraction, so she arranged to have a lady come in to do some cleaning for me while I’m in recovery mode.

I am beyond grateful for this practical ministry, that this caring lady is doing for me today! She’s chased those bunnies all morning and there is nary a spider in sight!

My heart is happy!

My husband and I have also been the grateful recipients of meals delivered nightly by our Bake and Care team at our church. I am overwhelmed by this outpouring of love for us; God’s people serving in practical ways to care for me!

Don’t know how I will spend the rest of my day now that the spider and bunny circus has left my home and I no longer have their shenanigans to focus on. Guess all I can do is content myself with parking in my lounger and following doctor orders. Rest is a beautiful thing!

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4 Responses to Grateful

  1. Norma Page says:

    Your Bake and Care Team love to help. Just relax and enjoy being looked after. Get well soon!

  2. carmelle Tasse says:

    Wow Lynn you see God is there and good
    This is a warning for you, you have to takes
    Care of your self , you are a very good woman
    I am sure you do help people a lot
    It is your turn to let people’s in Christ Jesus
    To spoil you a little
    I thank Lord to put you on my way the Lord
    Has his reason to do that
    I will pray for your recovery
    By Jesus. Amen 🙏

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