What has changed from yesterday to today? The sun rose on schedule this morning as it did yesterday. I woke up beside my husband this morning and asked, “Good morning, how did you sleep?” The same words I had spoken to him yesterday. We dressed, had breakfast and he headed to work.  All very normal, all very routine, all very mundane except this morning we know I have cancer and yesterday we hoped I didn’t.

I got the pathology report back yesterday and although I don’t pretend to understand all the medical terminology in it, “positive endometrial carcinoma” I understand. One lymph node shows positive carcinoma, both ovaries, although removed by surgery, also positive for carcinoma. I think I understand by the confusing numbers that the cancer is described as “Stage 1” on a scale of 1-4. A Stage “4” being the worst prognosis I could have gotten. That means we caught it early…hopefully.

I meet with my family doctor on June 11 and then at the cancer clinic on June 20th to discuss treatment options but I’ve done my research and know chemotherapy is the recommended treatment.

I’ve travelled that road before.  April – June, 2001, I underwent four rounds of chemo after my breast cancer diagnosis. My oldest daughter was sixteen years old then, my son was eight, and my youngest daughter was five and in kindergarten. My two youngest don’t remember much about that time; God mercifully protected them from worrying or wondering what was happening to their Mom. My oldest though would call my cancer experience a “defining” time for her. “I was sixteen, but I did not have the knowledge or faith like I do now.” She recently shared with me. “It was your first diagnosis that put me on that path because I saw you live out your trust and faith.”

She has been proactive ever since in getting yearly mammograms and understanding that her risk factor for getting breast cancer, and now ovarian cancer, is increased with my diagnoses. She is proactive but she’s not fearful. She knows God is in control no matter the circumstance. If she learned that lesson by watching how I faced cancer then and how I intend to face it now…well…I praise God!

I now pray my two youngest will also walk by faith, not by sight as they too travel this new cancer road with me. I pray my grandchildren will see their grandma praise God through the valleys as well as the mountaintops. I pray for complete and total healing, and for many more years to give testimony to His faithfulness.  God is in control!

Today, in my morning devotions I read Habakkuk 3:18-19yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior. The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.”

Let that be my song today!

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19 Responses to Diagnosis

  1. scarredjoy says:

    Hi Lynn! Your words are honest and heartfelt. My wife has survived two types of cancer. Two types in which I thought I might lose her. How is your husband regarding your diagnosis? I only ask because no one asked me how I was doing when we were told about my wife’s cancer. She accepted what her doc said more than I did. When she asked me how I felt about her having cancer again, I didn’t know what to say. In reality, my mind was swimming and my heart broke. When the doc encouraged us that he wasn’t worried it at least gave me some relief. I also thought, however, “I hear you doc. Why would you be worried, it isn’t your wife.” I know that doesn’t sound Christian of me but I guess at the time, that’s what I was thinking.

    I have found often as Christians we look at serious illness as a way to express our testimony. There is also, however, the human part of us. At times we may be afraid or nervous or sad or praying it was over. We are allowed to show such feelings without being judged or thinking our faith has slipped. God knows it all and loves us just the same.

    Lynn, I will be praying for you as your journey continues. I will pray you and your family will continue to find comfort and peace as you anticipate good news surrounding your illness.
    Blessings on you. from Alan Anderson (aka ScarredJoy) 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      Alan, thank-you for your prayers for me, but thank-you especially for praying for my husband! I have certainly asked for prayers for my family as they all journey down this road with me again.

      Like you expressed so well, my husband is experiencing a myriad of emotions, and despises the idea I must face this again and he can’t “fix” this situation. It is a helpless feeling I know. I am thankful he has a support system of men he can confide in if he needs to, and his faith is strong!

      • scarredjoy says:

        Hi Lynn. I’m happy your hubby has a support network. Yes, it can be a helpless feeling when we know we can’t “fix it.” I pray you are supported as well. I hope and pray all goes well for you. Please Lord, comfort and continue to care for Lynn as only You can. Help her to sleep well at night. Help her to know she rests in you and Your love will never let her go. Amen.

    • Lynn says:

      Alan, I am just catching up on thanking my readers for their encouragement and prayers. Bless you!

  2. glynism says:

    Oh Lynn. So sorry you are now walking the ovarian cancer path. I had OC in 2008 and learned plenty – especially to Be still and know that He is God! (Psalm 46:10) If you want to chat … since you’ve walked the cancer road already, though, you know a little/lot of what to expect, I am sure. But it does seem oh so overwhelming when it happens. Praising the Lord that you have been found early. Praising the Lord that you are already rising triumphant with your attitude. Prayers …

  3. conniekinbc says:

    Many prayers for you as you move forward on this journey. Happy that your family is there for you. Most of all, I know that all through this journey, Jesus will be there,
    leading you,
    walking beside you,
    and behind to guard you.

  4. lynnabbott says:

    Oh, dear me… I will pray for you and yours as you walk this path! ❤

  5. Connie Cavanaugh says:

    dear Lynn you are ever and always in my heart. You became my hero when you faced breast cancer as a mom with a young family in 2001 and amazed us all with your inner strength and fortitude not to mention positive attitude and steadfast faith. You remain my hero as you face this new cancer diagnosis as a grandmother. I thank God for your wonderful husband, children and grandchildren who all love you so much. I rejoice with you in “stage1, not 4” report. I feel a bit sad you have to endure chemo again. sigh. But, thankfully, that “poison” will be part of the healing process. Thank you for sharing your blog so that I cam keep informed and pray for you. With love, Connie

  6. Gary Smith says:

    Hello Lynn, As I read your words, the lyrics came to mind…”THIS IS MY STORY, THIS IS MY SONG. PRAISING MY SAVIOR ALL THE DAY LONG. THIS IS MY STORY, THIS IS MY SONG. PRAISING MY SAVIOR, ALL THE DAY LONG.” Will be praising and praying right along with you. Love you guys. Gary

  7. Lou Leventhal says:

    We are praying for you and family Lynn. Throughout this difficult journey, may the joy of the Lord always be your strength.

  8. Roli Oviawe says:

    Dear Lynn, I have always great drawn faith from your posts. You will never walk alone. God will always be with you. You are in my prayers.

  9. sptchmom777 says:

    Thank you for your faithful words and know that I will be praying for you.

  10. St says:

    Hi Lynn, thanks for sharing. God is with you. Blessings n prayerz.
    Together in Him

  11. Debra L says:

    Lynn, I know that you know, that you don’t walk this road alone. Besides your family and friends, I am sure that many of us who read your post regularly, stand with you, and stand on the Word of God for you. As Aaron and Hur supported Moses arms in battle, we, Your blog friends, hold up your arms in this battle, so you will not be weary and you will not faint.
    As a prayer warrior, I strongly believe that cancer is an attack of the enemy, to discourage us and cause us to lose hope…BUT…we stand on the Word!
    I also believe there are methodologies that both reverse cancer and augment traditional treatments. I so strongly urge you to look up ‘Chris Beat Cancer’. This young man beat stage 4 colon cancer through eating the proper foods. It sounds incredible, but if you check his website, and YouTube channel you will see the -thousands- who have followed his protocol and have successfully ‘beat the odds’. Please, check this information. He is also a Christian and I personally believe that God used his illness to get the word out.
    “Father in Heaven, in Jesus Name I curse the spirit of cancer over Lynn and her family and command it to return to the abyss from whence it came. I rebuke every attempt of the devil to deny Lynn the abundant life as promised and ransomed by Jesus Christ. I stand in the breach. Nothing by any means shall harm her, in Jesus Name. I speak the healing power of Jesus Christ into her very DNA, in Jesus Name. I speak, LIFE, in Jesus Name, the abundant life which is hers as a child of the living God. I speak restoration and rejuvenation, in Jesus Name. And in Jesus Name I speak healing, NOW by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the stripes of Jesus Christ. Healing is Lynn’s legal right as a child of God. Her healing is not debatable, it has been established, in Jesus Name! Her healing is not in the offing, it is now, in Jesus Name. For Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The reason for Jesus’ suffering and death then, is the same reason now, nothing has changed. He came to set the captives free, therefore Lynn is no longer captive to the restraints of this diagnosis. We look at the PROMISE, not the facts. The PROMISE states, she is healed, therefore, she IS healed. We look at the PROMISE, for abundant life, therefore Lynn is not bound by the views of this world, it’s people, nor it’s doctors. She is bound only and totally to Jesus Christ who is her healer, therefore, cancer is gone, in Jesus Name. She no longer lives under the dominion of the ruler of this world. She is joint heir with Jesus Christ, therefore, her very DNA resonates to the Spirit of Christ and IS manifested in her body. She is covered in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ and because her body, mind, spirit and soul are covered in the Blood of the Lamb, cancer MUST Passover. Legally, it CANNOT alight upon her or her family. The Blood protects her. I seal Lynn in the Blood of the Lamb, now, in Jesus Name and command this sickness to die off and leave her body. I speak to the blood vessels feeding this cancer, and I command you to STOP, in Jesus Name. Her body is under the authority of Jesus Christ, and therefore MUST yield to His authority and sovereignty alone. Cancer, you are trespassing on a Child of God, and your rights are NULL and VOID! Hands OFF, in Jesus Name! Holy Spirit, fill the room where Lynn is, right now, with your tangible Presence. Let her feel Your warmth and the embrace of the Father. Let it be established NOW, in Jesus Name, that warring angels be released to assist, comfort and aid Lynn in this short walk, for its outcome has already been decreed in Heaven, and all Heaven rejoices, that Lynn is free of all cancers and the powers of hell, NOW, in Jesus Name. Amen! So be it!”

    God bless you,

  12. Tania says:

    Lynn – I hate that you are on this road again but admire your courage and strength that shine from your faith. I commit to pray with/for you as you walk down this road.

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