Mother’s Day Is All Year Long

The Mother’s Day tributes have been showing up on social media for over a month now.   On T.V., the commercials highlight ways you can spend money giving your mother the “perfect” gift, or taking her out to her favourite restaurant, or pampering her with spa days.  One jewelry store advertises on T.V. a mom who is hinting for a gift from a son or daughter who were challenging her when they were growing up.  I guess the idea is to shame children into buying a beautiful bauble to make up for their poor behaviour in the past.  What??

That’s not what Mother’s Day is all about.  Just sayin’.

Through the years, I have received all kinds of gifts from my children on Mother’s Day.  I still have a varied collection of hand-made cards from each of them when they were in preschool.  A construction paper masterpiece that oozed with white glue and stuck to my hand when I opened the card.  Inside, unrecognizable crayon drawings they had to explain to me so I understood their artistic license with clarity.  As they got older, store-bought cards replaced the handmade ones; my oldest daughter choosing more sentimental, flowery ones, my son and my youngest daughter choosing cards more comical in nature. I have received gifts and flowers from each of them and I cherish the sentiment behind each gift.  Truly I am well-blessed.  However, that’s still not what Mother’s Day is all about.

My kids, enjoy sharing comical anecdotes about growing up whenever we all get together and Mother’s Day is no different.  It seems it is the one day they not only honour me, but feel free to lampoon me too!  It’s obvious by some of the stories, many of which I have no knowledge or recollection of, that I wasn’t always the perfect Mom, but they love me anyway.  Good to know.

My own mother was very adamant that we not make a big deal about Mother’s Day for her.  She said, “If you haven’t treated me with honour and respect throughout the year, don’t try to make up for it in one day!”  That resonated with me as a teenager and I suppose I’ve communicated that to my own kids as they were growing up too.  Mother’s Day should be celebrated year round!

For me, it’s the little “I love yous!” that each child expresses to me on a daily basis.  Texting me for no reason, just to see what I’m up to.  Dropping in unexpectedly, sometimes with the intent to cook me supper or to bring take out.  My son, phoning at least once or twice a week just to see how I’m doing (and then asking me for some kind of favour 😉 )  Some things never change!

On Monday, I face a lengthy surgery and an even longer recovery.  I will admit that I haven’t had much strength leading up to this surgery to cook or clean my house.  I found out yesterday that my kids have arranged for meals to be taken care of during my recovery for my sweet husband and I.  On Friday, knowing I can’t have a big meal the day before surgery, they are celebrating early with me and have planned a family get-together where I don’t have to lift a finger!  Best of all I know they are praying for me daily!  I praise God for my three “Gifts” who call me, “Mom.”   They honour me every day of the year and I am well blessed!


How are you honouring your Mother, not just on Sunday, but every day of the year?  Leave a comment!





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1 Response to Mother’s Day Is All Year Long

  1. My mother died in 1997 and is buried over 800 miles away. I visit her grave virtually on special days (birthday, angel day, Mother’s Day, etc.) as she is on both Find-A-Grave and BillionGraves. At other times, I think of the advice that she gave us over the years. We were poor growing up so sometimes our gifts were handmade things for her.

    I will keep you in my prayers for the surgery and recovery.

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