Believed Through Prayer

I scarce know how to take it in. I’m still not sure if I should be expecting a setback, or a delayed response in the days to come. Oh, me of little faith! It was almost too easy! Yet, here I am now in recovery mode after last week’s fourth round of chemo and this past weekend of “chemo thunder” was little more than a brief inconvenience with minimal discomfort!

Why am I surprised?

And yet I am!

I suppose when I expected the same nasty side effects as the first three rounds, I was somewhat unprepared that this round would be…well…easy compared to the other rounds!

Why is that?

Why am I surprised when prayers are answered? Why do I expect the worst, and then question when the best happens instead?

God is teaching me soooooo many lessons during this “detour”, as my Pastor calls unexpected challenges in life, it will take me a very long time to process all the life lessons I’ve learned over these many months. A friend posted on Facebook a “sermon note” from a message given by her husband at their church on Sunday and I thought this sums up one valuable lesson I’ve learned from this last go-round and one I’ve experienced profoundly throughout this entire journey with cancer: “What’s impossible by might is possible by faith when believed through prayer.” (Thanks Kim and Quentin ❤️)

People have asked me repeatedly how they can “help” me while I do battle with cancer. I am so blessed by acts of service and kindness, from cleaning my house (thanks Carmelle❤️), to making meals for us (the list is too long to share all their names here, but know that we appreciate all of you who have cooked, baked or dropped off groceries for us). My house is filled with fragrant bouquets of flowers from family and friends; I’ve received cards and gift cards, as well as daily texts from family and friends just “checking up” on me. So many people daily leave either a comment or share scripture, or leave words of affirmation on social media to uplift my spirit. Truly I am blessed by all the acts of kindness, but the most important, the most impactful upon my life, have been the countless prayers lifted up to The Father on my behalf.

When people ask what they can do to support me, I immediately say, “Please pray for me,” and they have! Prayer Warriors have awakened in the middle of the night, prompted by the Holy Spirit, to pray. Some have texted me to say that God has laid me on their hearts to pray and many have phoned or dropped in on me in person to pray one-on-one with me. Many others, who don’t understand the concept of prayer yet, say they are sending me “good vibes” or “happy thoughts” my way. I will take them too, but I always direct them to pray because I believe in the power of prayer!

I am praising God for hearing all our prayers and allowing me to get through this last chemo cycle with relative ease. In fact, regardless of what happens over the next two rounds, this fourth round respite has energized me, and given me a renewed resolve to sprint forward. The finish line is around the corner!

Keep praying, dear ones!

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1 Response to Believed Through Prayer

  1. carmelle Tasse says:

    Thank you for your journey
    It’s always a pleasure to read you and gives me strength
    Only 2 lefts don’t give you
    God will never give up on you
    I likes James 5 :25 about Prayers yes
    The Power of Praying I am reading a book with
    With this title . With what you pass Lynne you never forget peoples around you to thanks 🙏 everyone and show your appreciation 🥰
    God bless you and continue to gives you strength to continue this 2 rounds coming

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