The Fear Factor

It’s hard to watch the news these days. My husband calls world events this week a “perfect storm” with the Covid-19 Corona virus listed today as a pandemic, the Russians and the Saudis feuding over oil, and here in Canada, rail blockades. The stock markets are in a tail spin and people are hoarding toilet paper. Seriously, our world is insane at the moment. I saw this on Instagram today: “The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out.” @DiageoLiam

I will admit, I laughed out loud!

I suppose I needed something to laugh at in the midst of such troubling times. People are so incredibly fearful these days. Fearful about pipelines, the environment, climate change, the economy, and now a health pandemic. I remember my Mom used to throw her hands up and beseech the Almighty when she was overwhelmed by life events, “Stop the world, I want to get off!”

I’ve certainly felt that way this week.

I honestly do not know how to respond to what I’m hearing in the news. I understand people are panicked about being quarantined for any length of time. The most vulnerable, and I was told I fall into that category because of my recent battle with cancer, fear contracting this deadly virus. Since going through my treatments, I’ve been so proactive avoiding large crowds and I’ve always followed a meticulous hand-washing regime because I am a bit of a germaphobe. However, I did travel on a plane to Vancouver Island, was in two airports, went to my local gym, went to church, had a pedicure, spent time with family, ate at restaurants, and went grocery shopping over these past two weeks. I’m just living a normal life after cancer, or trying to at least, but this virus has me nervous. I’m supposed to attend a women’s conference this weekend. Should I or shouldn’t I go?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is feeling the stress and worry based on the world events at present time. The thing is, I cannot allow fear to overwhelm me and dictate how I live my daily life.

In the Scriptures, “fear” is spoken of over 500 times. In addition to the 103 “fear not” or “be not afraid” verses there is also the “fear of God” verses which speak of having reverence for God alone, and the many other verses that encourage us not to be anxious or worry. In 2017, I wrote a blog post with 50 Encouraging Scripture Verses to Combat Fear. It is still one of my most popular posts to date. I encourage you to read those verses if you are feeling trepidatious about your current situation or if world events are causing you anxiety. I don’t negate the seriousness going on around us, nor should we make light of the fact people are suffering and families are grieving over loved ones who have passed on as a result of this virus. It is important to take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 or ANY other infectious disease now or in the future. I appreciate how so many governments, organizations, businesses etc. have responded so proactively to contain exposure and spread of the virus. Some, have been overly cautious perhaps, but better safe than sorry. I won’t fault any one for going above and beyond in fighting this pandemic.

So, I’m still wrestling with going to the Women’s Conference this weekend. I’m praying for wisdom. I know all precautions have been taken in organizing this event, and I don’t want to be ruled by fear. So I lean on my “go to” verse while I pray:

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

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2 Responses to The Fear Factor

  1. George Hartwell says:

    How about we rise up in the authority of Jesus expecting wherever we went people were getting healed instead of sick. What if we had a anger at the works of the devil brewing in our hearts ready to release words of faith, love and authority over the next ‘work of the devil’ we saw.

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