Trust and Obey

“Stay home!”

“Wash your hands.”

“Maintain a 2 metre distance, don’t congregate in groups, self-isolate, …”

It’s become a constant mantra from all news sources, our federal, provincial, and civic leaders. We listen to the daily updates from health ministers, and health officials world-wide. The stats are reviewed and analyzed and our Prime Minister tells all Canadians to “trust the science”. So, wanting to be good citizens, we comply. We trust the officials. We trust they are making decisions that are in our best interests. We trust in the medical science, and the advice we receive from doctors, and other experts who deal daily with this corona virus on the frontlines. During this global pandemic I put my trust in the authority and expertise of health experts despite the fact they have never dealt with this situation before. Human beings are fallible, they might disappoint us and cause us to doubt them. During this crisis, many of these experts and government officials admit they don’t have all the answers. Yet I still trust them, and I take their advice to obey all their rules to protect myself and others from Covid_19.

When I was going through my cancer treatments last year I had to place much trust in my doctors, and their expertise as surgeons and oncologists. I had only met my surgical oncologist once before I underwent surgery. Based on that brief office visit and the medical data she shared with me, I accepted her word that surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation would be the best way to treat my Stage 3 endometrial cancer. Talk about trust!

When I was wheeled into the operating room a couple weeks later, I had to trust in the team of masked doctors and nurses surrounding me that they knew what they were doing as I went under the knife. For all intents and purposes these were strangers to me! Yet, I was willingly putting my life in their hands! That takes trust!

One of my favourite hymns is “ Trust and Obey”, written by Presbyterian minister, John H. Sammis, in 1887. I delight in the simplicity and truth of this statement to just trust and obey Jesus Christ. If I can so easily trust in my doctors during my cancer treatments, and now put my trust into what health officials are telling me to do or not do during this Covid_19 pandemic, how much MORE should I trust my Lord and Saviour in all circumstances?

God is trustworthy! I’ve never had cause to doubt His abilities. I’ve never questioned His authority. I have experienced His healing. I have seen and continue to see Him work in my life and with others around me. I know God is Sovereign. He does not make mistakes. He is in control. I trust Him completely! Take time today to listen and take note of the lyrics of this beautiful hymn. Put your faith and trust in Jesus. He will never disappoint!

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