Welcome Distractions

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in Canada, getting vaccinated for Covid is a long, waiting game. The procurement of vaccine is the biggest hurdle. We are told here that everyone needs to be vaccinated, but while most of us are more than willing to roll up our sleeves to get a shot, it’s frustrating when there’s no product available.

It’s easy to lay blame on the Federal and Provincial governments. I know at the end of this pandemic, there will be a reckoning of what was done well and what would have to be improved upon in the future. I suppose I’ve done my share of complaining, but unfortunately I can’t seem to change my circumstances with whining. Sad but true. Instead, I try to make the best of a bad situation. To do otherwise, would cause me to become overwhelmed and negative. It’s a constant battle in me to try to take control in out-of-control circumstances. The idea to just “let go and let God” is not so easy. You’d think I would have learned through two battles with cancer, and a host of unpredictable life events, that I would learn to cast all my cares on Him Who is ALWAYS faithful to answer my prayers. Although I know without a doubt for this to be true, it is waiting for those answers that is tough.

My Spider plant had “babies” over these past few months. During this year of Covid, I have put more time and effort into taking care of the jungle of plant life in my home. We have such a short growing season in Alberta, with smart gardeners waiting until mid June to plant their annuals outside knowing snow and killing frost is a possibility up to that time. I crave greenery, especially when friends in the U.S. and on Vancouver Island are posting pictures of their gardens in full bloom already. We still have some snow on the ground! It’s unfair. So, I have to foster my blooms indoors. It fills me with joy to see them grow and thrive sometimes despite me. I’m not a natural when it comes to gardening. I let natural sunlight and weekly watering do most of the work. I enjoy the results.

What has this got to do with my current circumstances waiting for my Covid vaccination?

It’s my welcome distraction.

I have noticed that during this long season of Covid, everyone seems to be in some kind of holding pattern. We are constantly waiting. We wait in lines. We wait our turns. We wait to get back to “normal”. We wait to go back to work, to school, to hug, to socialize, to travel…

…to be vaccinated.

What do I do while I wait?

I distract myself with pleasant activities that fill me with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and joy as I wait for this out-of-control time to end. Tending to my indoor garden is one such activity. I also attend virtual Bible Studies. I pray, read, write, and binge watch TV series. Sometimes I just sit in silence and enjoy the peace. My husband and I go for long drives. I try to do one productive thing each day. I try to do one act of self care each day. Even if a mask may cover most of my face, putting on some makeup makes me feel good. It’s not sandal weather yet, but I love having my daughter give me a pedicure! (Thankfully, her place of employment, Flirt Cosmetics, is still open so I can get pampered once in a while.). It’s just what I need sometimes to take my mind off my circumstances. A couple of weeks ago I went for a long walk with a dear friend. We socially distanced and I talked myself hoarse. Brilliant!

Several people I know have gotten into exercising from home. Some do virtual runs. Some bake, cook, homeschool, take classes, paint, sculpt, camp, bike and hike. When the weather warms up, I fully intend to walk more, go camping, and yes, even do some gardening outside. There are some things Covid may prevent us from participating in right now, but it shouldn’t prevent us from pursuing other activities that foster and care for our well-being.

I don’t like waiting, but the welcome distractions make waiting easier. How about you?

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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