Legends of the Fall

The prayer requests kept coming and coming! Marriage troubles, health issues, child custody battles, impending surgeries, cancer treatments, financial burdens, job layoffs, and Covid cases kept filling up my prayer journal. Whenever I listened to the news, I got tense. To be honest, I was so over-burdened with bad news every day, my own personal mental health was starting to be negatively impacted. My husband could see that it was taking a toll on me and thought a week away camping would do us both the world of good.

The weather was great the first night in the mountains. I luxuriated in not being “connected” online and could tell that I was starting to relax somewhat. Then just before midnight I got a call from my brother. The lateness of the hour was disconcerting, and I hesitantly answered my cell phone. I could tell right away that he was not quite lucid, he was rambling, not putting words together well. His wife came on and quickly told me that they were in the hospital and he was heavily medicated. My brother, Jack had a terrible fall and landed on his left arm basically driving his wrist bone through his elbow. Basically, he broke so many bones in that arm, the doctors were contemplating amputation. He was scheduled to have surgery in the morning.

When I got off the phone with her, I started to tremble. Then I burst into tears. It was too much to take in. My husband tried to comfort me, but I felt like an enormous weight was upon me, and I could hardly breathe. “Let’s pray!” he said, and as he lifted my brother and his wife up in prayer, I silently nodded in agreement, too emotionally exhausted to respond in turn. I didn’t sleep that night, nor did I venture far from our trailer the next morning, staying close to the phone to hear how the surgery had gone. Mid-afternoon, I finally got a call from my sister-in-law telling me that Jack had been in surgery six hours and the doctors had to put in a plate to repair the wrist damage. He’d have to have more surgery in the future, but for now his arm was mended as well as they were able to and he was going to need time to heal.

I praised God. I did not lift my arms up to the heavens, and burst into song as I thought I would. I just managed a weak, helpless, whispered, exhausted “thank-You” and then I burst into tears again.

I am weary.

There is a heaviness that has clung to me over these past few months. I guess some people have started to call it “Covid Fatigue”, and I suppose that definitely adds to this burden I seem to be hauling around with me. Ever since my last bout with cancer, I have felt battle-weary. I’m just not “with it” as much as I would like. Physically, I’m fine, but mentally I’m exhausted. Jack’s accident seemed to have pushed me close to that precarious brink.

Yesterday, our Premier announced a three stage plan to get the Province back to “normal” after the pandemic. A 70% vaccination rate, where Albertans aged 12 and up would have their first vaccination, would allow Alberta to be fully open with no restrictions. He seemed hopeful that we could even celebrate the Calgary Stampede in early July. Immediately, the naysayers and critics responded with expected negativity, but to me, the Premier’s announcement was just the best news, coming at JUST the right time! In fact, that little bit of good news was just what I needed to feel more positive and upbeat; looking forward to the summer ahead.

This week, I’ve connected with my brother by phone and text numerous times. He was actually released from hospital the next day after his surgery. Truly an answer to prayer! Until the Covid restrictions are fully lifted, I can’t go in person and give him a gentle hug, but that reunion may be coming sooner than expected! I am definitely looking forward to seeing him soon. He’s home recuperating and it warms my heart to see him get his sense of humour back. This morning he posted on Facebook: “As a follow-up to previous posts about my “little spill” last week…I was able to connect with the young man who called 911 for me, and thank him personally by text. As it turns out, this gentleman owns a fall protection safety company. I met him just 15 minutes too late. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.”

Get well soon, Jack!

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2 Responses to Legends of the Fall

  1. Jack Jorgensen says:

    Lynn, you are awesome, and God answered both your prayer and mine. You are the best sister on the planet and deeply loved. I did not know you were struggling and on a camping trip to try to relax; had I known, my call could have waited.

    What I will say is this: between that Monday when the “boo-boo” happened and the Wednesday when I was sent home, God delivered scores of angels to effect His care over me. Then in the following few days, He called upon hundreds more angels to wish me well. I know that even more prayed for me.

    While your fights have been real battles, mine was a mere thumb-wrestling match. We will see each other soon, but because of you, and because of God, this was easy.

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