My Psalm 2

I praise You, Lord, through my ages!

I praise You for the day of my birth, and the parents who raised me.

I praise You for my brother, a lifelong companion for me, a friend and confidante, who has given me wise counsel when I needed it.

I praise You, Lord, for protecting me through my childhood when I didn’t walk in Your way or Your Truth, but You had a plan and a purpose for me anyway.

I praise You for friendships, and especially allowing me to cross paths with a girl who knew You. I praise You, Lord, for the nearly fifty years of friendship I’ve had with her.

I praise You, Lord, for guarding my heart, putting stumbling blocks in my path during my rebellious teen years. I thank You for protecting me even though I was so contrary, and refused to acknowledge You. You kept pursuing me when I was intent upon running away, and I thank You for not giving up on me!

I praise You, Lord, for gifting me with the love of my life. I had no idea that You were orchestrating my life-changing meeting with a Godly young man, when I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1977. I was only focused on myself, and making money to pay my way through university. I am convinced that it was You Who drew us together that summer. That dear man shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with me, and compelled me to say “I do” to You, before I said, “I do” to him! For our four decades together, the life we’ve built leaning on each other and on You throughout our marriage, Lord, I give You praise!

I praise You, Lord, for my three children. They are precious in Your sight. Thank-You for attending to my needs, to hearing my prayers, and providing wise counsel as I parented them. I know I was not a perfect parent. I struggled, I failed, I had moments of self doubt and great anxiety as a mom, but You encouraged me through your Word and gave me the companionship of other Moms who mentored me.

I praise You, Lord, for Godly friends who have discipled me in my daily walk with You. Thank-You for their friendships, the camaraderie, and laughter we have shared together these many years. Thank-You for friendships born out of common experiences.

I praise You, Lord, for putting a desire in my heart from an early age to write and to teach. I am thankful that I was able to build my relationship with You first so Your Word influenced the way I taught and wrote afterwards. I became a better teacher with You leading me through each classroom encounter with a multitude of students. Each one of those young learners left their imprint on my life. Teaching them has given me great joy!

I praise You, Lord, for my writing ministry, allowing me to glorify You through the words and the books I write.

I praise You, Lord, for answering my prayers for my three children. They are healthy, they are strong, they are capable, and each of them gifted with talents and abilities You have given them. We are a close family, we like to be around each other, I don’t take that for granted. Thank-You too for their spouses who You chose for my children. They are precious to me as well. I praise You, Lord, for adding grandchildren to our family, and allowing me the exquisite joy to be a part of their lives!

I praise You, Lord, for Your continuing watch-care over me. You have allowed me to experience many highs and lows in my life. In every life experience I’ve faced, I have grown closer to You.

I praise You, Lord!

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2 Responses to My Psalm 2

  1. Belinda Burston says:

    Beautiful thoughts from a grateful heart!

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