A Christmas Letter from Jesus

A popular post at this time of year! Blessings!

Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

From-Jesus-with-LoveWith social networking, texting etc. etc., writing Christmas Cards along with the annual Christmas Letter may go the way of the dinosaur.  Canada Post is certainly feeling the effects of fewer and fewer Christmas stamps being sold and I would guess Hallmark probably notices that e-cards are getting way more usage than the printed variety.  It’s yet another sign of the times.  I, too, have decided to stop sending cards and letters out, because it seems so redundant when social media keeps us all informed about the goings-on around us.  That said, I still feel it important to connect with friends and family by phone or email or better yet, in person, during the Christmas Season!

The personal touch…that’s what Jesus was all about.  I suppose if He had been born into this time, He would have utilized social media to get His message of Hope out to a world-wide audience, but somehow I just can’t…

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