Open Doors

We have a sticky screen door. A combination of a latch that befuddles my little grands when they want to go in and out of the house, and their fingers usually covered with some kind of goo. We celebrated birthdays last night and it was the first warm evening to be outside with the entire family. Snow last week, and temperatures in the 20’s this week. Springtime in Alberta is a roller coaster ride.

Our four year old birthday boy, Atti was excited to be the centre of attention. His uncle Jack, a little more subdued, shared the well wishes, because their Birthdays are only two days apart. Watching my five grandbabies run around the yard, my adult children gathered around me, laughing, conversing…well…it just makes my heart happy. My daughter, Carmen and Jack are expecting their first baby in July. People always say expectant Moms “glow”, well my daughter BEAMS! My arms are already longing to cuddle my sixth grandchild.

But, back to my sticky back door…

I remember when I was a kid my Mom had a common mantra to mine now: “You’re either in or you’re out! Don’t keep going in and out!” She obviously had sticky doors too with my brother and I entering and exiting the house all day long. Birthday boy, Atti with cupcake icing on his nose and fingers was determined to go inside the house, but was just a smitch too little to reach the latch. His Dad, sitting by the door refused to open the door for him. I watched the exchange and laughed.

“Open the door!” Atti demanded.

My son ignored him.

“Dad! Open the door!” My son scowled at him, but refused to acknowledge the demand.

Atti’s oldest cousin thought perhaps asking more politely would help the situation so Jaxon called out, “ What’s the magic word, Atti?”

Atti glared at both his Dad and Jaxon, and then as if a tiny lightbulb blinked on over his head, he smiled and yelled, “Open the door…NOW!”

Too funny!

Atti did eventually gain entry when he finally remembered the correct “magic” word was “please”. After the kids left, I followed the trail of sticky fingers around the house and couldn’t help but smile.

A perfect handprint was on the window at the back door. I touched it and breathed a quick prayer of thanks to God.

“Thank You, Lord for sticky fingers, sticky doors, floors and walls. The memories of life stick to my heart as permanent imprints. As I lovingly wipe down walls, and mirrors after the visits, I am reminded that one day there won’t be little fingerprints gracing my home like artwork. You have blessed my home with these little “artists” for such a short time. Keep me mindful to always have an open heart and an open door to each and every one of them!”


Thank You Lord, 
For these little fingerprints
On my windows and wall.
They are precious masterpieces,
I see along the hall.
One day they will be gone
And Grandma’s art gallery will be no more.
No sticky prints and licky lips will grace my walls and doors.
So, make me thankful now to see them as gooey works of art.
They have left their imprints in my home
But more so on my heart!

-Lynn Dove-

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