A Fitting Farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

It is fitting, I suppose, that the heavens have opened today bringing much needed rain. Our hearts, like the weather today, are somber. I watched, like millions of others around the world, the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II. She was my Queen for sixty-four years, the only Queen I will likely have in my lifetime. I can’t say I’m a monarchist, or a royalist, but I truly admired the Queen and the way she dutifully and faithfully served as our Head of State here in Canada and around the Commonwealth. She had a humble dignity about her. She was not haughty, or proud, given to public displays and vulgarity that other celebs of this day tend to boast about on social media. She seemed to lean on her enduring faith in God through personal trials, family upheavals, and political turmoil around her. She lived out her faith in word and deed and I believe she was welcomed into the presence of God, with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” as she traded her earthly crown for her Crown of Righteousness.

I was impressed that the Queen’s funeral service was one filled with Scripture readings, prayers and hymns that focused entirely on the Majesty and Power of Jesus, and the glorious gift of Salvation that comes in having a personal relationship with Him. The Queen understood her relationship with God usurped her earthly reign. Her funeral service reflected that. Unlike the national service in Ottawa that tried to honour the Queen but made little reference to God at all. Unfortunately, I observe with sadness that Canadian politicians and secular leaders seem to place more importance in pandering to the “woke” generation. Canada today allows religious syncretism and spiritualism the prevalent role in our society that ultimately seeks to turn our hearts away from God, rather than unify us in the only way that will really save us: the Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ.

It is obvious the Queen wanted her final farewell to her family, her nation, and to the audience who watched this history-making funeral from the comfort of their own homes, that Jesus was her Lord and Saviour. In Him she found her strength and ultimately her peace. I pray all who watched her memorial service held in London had eyes and ears opened to His Truth today.

* Bible Gateway compiled all the Scripture that was read at Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Service. https://www.biblegateway.com/blog/2022/09/scripture-read-at-queen-elizabeth-iis-funeral/

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2 Responses to A Fitting Farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Annette says:

    A Great and wonderful Word’s to respect the Queen Elizabeth II.

  2. Jane says:

    What a joy to see today that the Queen was a follower of Jesus. I loved to hear the name of “Jesus” boldly mentioned (as opposed to the softer names “Christ” or “God.”) and I was happy to hear to King Charles III has come to know Jesus as his savior. Like a friend of mine said on the day the Queen died, “Now the Queen will meet the King.” Amen and Amen – Well done.

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