Is It Too Much to Ask?

I’ve thought about what to write about
On this cold and wintery day.
But no words seem to do them justice
Who paid such a gallant price,
So that I may sit here in contemplative peace
And warm myself by a quiet hearth.

I wear my Poppy, have memorized the poem
“In Flander’s Field”,
but still it seems not enough,
To honour the Fallen who sacrificed their lives
On those battlefields and in the trenches on foreign soil.

O’Canada, they stood on guard for thee!
Many still are standing, dressed in fatigues,
Keeping the peace today.
Many have returned as wounded warriors,
Battle weary and battle scarred.
O’Canada, how do we honour them?

We have no sooner put away the Halloween chocolate,
Than the Christmas decorations go up.
The jingle bells and holiday music drowns out
The calls to remember our Veterans
The first eleven days of November.

Is it too much to ask?

To hold off on celebrating before we have
Laid our wreaths of tribute
To those who have served our country.
The ones who did not come home for Christmas,
And to those who eat their dinners in soup kitchens now, fighting a different war at home.

Is it too much to ask?

To buy a Poppy, fill up their store rooms with food,
Stop, and stand in solemn silence for two minutes
When the bell tower chimes on the 11th hour,
Of the 11th day of the 11th month
To remember them…

Lest we forget.
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