I am thankful, Lord for this sacred hour
In penitent contemplation.
To sit before Your Throne of Grace,
In quiet conversation.

My prayers go where I cannot go
They walk where I cannot walk.
They seek You out and find You there
And by Your Throne we talk.

It’s hard some days to pray Your Will,
When I want it all my way.
This flesh is weak, and my failings many,
I forget the price You paid.

To pray complaints before heartfelt thanks,
I need to repent and count the cost.
Amazing Grace that I could never earn,
All else I should count as loss!

Take my prideful spirit, Lord
And conform it to Your Way.
Teach me it’s not my will be done,
But Yours today and every day!

So, I pray for those I hold so dear
Their faces are before me.
Do for them what I cannot,
For You love them more than me!

You know their hearts, You know their needs,
Their futures are beyond my sight.
So give them all what you deem best
For Your plans are always right!

Let me never circumvent Your Will,
To pray for easy pathways.
When You are asking us to rely on You
On all of life’s lanes and byways.

Today when words cannot express to You
All the things I want to say,
Lord, please hear my contrite heart instead
And answer it, I pray.
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1 Response to Contrition

  1. David C says:

    A great prayer, thanks

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