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Please Don’t Shake My Hand in Church!

We interrupt for a special public service announcement for all ushers, greeters and generally friendly congregants in church: Please do not shake my hand in church! I know you all mean well, but I must tell you why I would prefer a hearty, … Continue reading

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Are you playing hooky from Church?

I am admitting to something that happened eons ago, but I suppose confession is good for the soul.  During the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey series I (along with my friends, Jean and Tanya) smuggled our transistor radios into math class and under the … Continue reading

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I’m the Cause of Broken Children

I’m the cause of broken children and I’m proud to say it! From the very first moment I held my children, my goal was to raise and create an atmosphere in our home that fostered broken children.  I even prayed for it! … Continue reading

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