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Finding Joy NOT Happiness in the Lord

If I were to take an informal survey, raise your hands and tell me if you are “Happy” today?  Now if I were to ask you again, how many of you are “Joyful”? Did some of you raise your hands … Continue reading

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25 Encouraging Bible Verses to Combat Depression

My daughter had just turned fifteen months when I was suddenly hit with debilitating depression.  I tended to my baby’s needs but not much else.  I would lie in bed most of the day barely having energy to brush my … Continue reading

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Guilty Mamas

I had it all planned.  When I discovered I was expecting my first child I had a vision in my head how it would be…you know…a perfect pregnancy, no complications, no issues with breast-feeding, no postpartum depression…JUST perfection!  Unfortunately MY reality was … Continue reading

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