The Wounded Trilogy by Lynn Dove

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To celebrate the release of the third and final book of The Wounded TrilogyLove the Wounded, I am doing an online self-promotion of all three of my award-winning books June 24th (today) through June 27th, 2012.


Someone asked me the other day what motivated me to write the “Wounded Trilogy”.  Easy answer:  I wanted to make sure that every young person and adult that read my books would know that God loves them, He cares for them and no matter what circumstance in life they may find themselves, they are not alone.  My books deal frankly with the subjects of bullying, gossip, cancer and other social issues that teens and adults face daily.  I want to get the message out especially with regards to bullying that they need not remain victims any longer. This is why my books are listed as resources on one of the world’s largest anti-bullying websites in the world:

What others are saying about The Wounded Trilogy:

“(These books) dig deep into the lives of youth,…I feel every parent and teenager should sit down and read (these books) together.” –

“Lynn’s first book, Shoot the Wounded, is of the same calibre as Janette Oke’s first book, Love Comes Softly—the book that sold millions and propelled her into the reading public’s heart like a rocket.  Shoot the Wounded is a book that will keep you up reading all night whether you are a teen or a 50-something grammy like me!  You’ll be buying copies for every teen you love.”  –Connie Cavanaugh,  International speaker and Author of From Faking It to Finding Grace

“…should be read by anyone who works closely with Christian teenagers, and of course, by teenagers themselves…”  – Goodreads Review

“5 – Stars all the way for this moving yet delightful peek into the life of teenagers…”  – Ellen C. Maze, Author of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider

“I loved reading Shoot the Wounded.  What a great message!” –  J. Huffman, Principal, Bearspaw Christian School, Calgary, Alberta.

“Excellent book…am already anticipating book 2 in the series!”  – B. Kelly, Teacher.

“…The characters are believable and the story line engaging…”  – S. Booth, Adjunct Professor, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, Cochrane, Alberta.

“This book was amazing…I loved the way the characters mirrored real-life situations, misunderstandings, friendships and families,…This could be a great start to changing the way youth, and even adults treat one another, especially within the church…”  – A. Higgins, College Student

“…This is a gripping book….This is a great read for teens.”  – Novel Teen Review

“…Shoot the Wounded, is aimed at young adult Christian audiences, but its topic is universal no matter your age or faith…”  – Cochrane Eagle

“A life of working with youth has inspired a Cochrane mother to turn her experiences into a book trilogy…(the “Wounded”) series parallels the struggles of students…(and) covers some of the angst of some real serious issues, particularly with bullying and gossip.”  – Rocky View Weekly

“A personal story of honest truth – offer(s) an uplifting and spiritual message.”  – Cochrane Times

“This was a gripping book (Shoot the Wounded)….a great read for teens.” – Jill Williamson – author – Blood of Kings Trilogy

“Although these books were written for Young Adults the lessons learned in these books can be applied to anyone….Lynn addresses the unique challenges that teens and young adults will inevitably face.  As adults sometimes we forget what it was like during our teen years and find it hard to relate to our teen children.  Lynn has found a way to do just that through her books.  If you have a teenager or know of someone who is in their teen years then this is a must-have book to give to them as a gift.” – Deborah Malone – author – Death in Dahlonega

“As a contemporary Christian novel for youth, Shoot the Wounded delivers the gospel with enough angst that it is sure to meet with the approval of today’s teen.  It delves into relevant topics such as teen pregnancy and family violence, mixed with the usual boy-girl relationships and coming of age themes common to YA fiction.  In this book we see that being a Christian isn’t easy, and it certainly doesn’t mean you are perfect.  Shoot the Wounded is the first in a trilogy by Canadian author Lynn Dove and sets the stage for its equaling engrossing sequel, Heal the Wounded.  This is a set that should be in every school, church and public library” – Tracy Krauss – author- My Mother the Man-Eater

“I ADORED this book (Shoot the Wounded).  As a teenager it really spoke to me.  Readers will be engaged into Dove’s tale from page one.  This book hits so close to home for teenagers and adults alike.  This tale spins through the emotions of teenagers, Ronnie, Leigh and Jake and everyone can find a bit of themselves in the characters.  This story is a must read for youth groups, Christian teenagers and even for non-believers and will inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.  It is an emotionally liberating novel and a very well written piece of literature.  Dove’s talent with words allows the audience to connect more completely with the emotional ride this book takes them on.  Five stars! – Kristin F. (18 yrs. old)

“Wow!!! …  I recommend (these books) to any young teenager who is looking for a great book. These books are so addictive,… at school I couldn’t wait for the class to end so I could read… Favorite book series ! <3” – Hayley R. (14 yrs. old)

“The messages within (the books) apply to LIFE.  Lynn Dove did a great job capturing the mindset of a teenage boy and a teenage girl, as well as their parents. – Stacy Padula – author- Montgomery Lake High series

Shoot the Wounded!”  I love it! This book dives head first into the many different difficulties experienced by teenagers today. Problems such as jealousy, lies, bullying, and so many other evil ways in which Satan tries to needle his way into their lives.  In a world that is slowly trying to push God out, it’s no wonder that kids don’t know where to turn to for help. This book gives vision that He is still here now, always has been, and always will be. He has the answers that they seek. Just ask!” – Jay A. Miller – author –  Sal and Sally

“(Shoot the Wounded) and (Heal the Wounded) are both really good books that actually choose to address stuff that teenagers have to deal with, as opposed to stuff adults think we deal with…Read them!” – Vicki M. (16 yrs. old)

Heal the Wounded” was more than just another book to me.  This book was more of a personal encounter….it’s one of those books that I just couldn’t put down!!!!” – Breann R.  (17 yrs. old)

“Each character fights to hold onto his faith in the midst of upsets and trials.  Not only is this book (Heal the Wounded) for teens but also for adults.  In today’s world, it’s such a busy life that parents seem to ignore the warning signs of their teenagers.  I recommend parents and child alike read this book.” – Readers Favorite

Shoot the Wounded – finalist in the 2010 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards (Young Adult Category)

Heal the Wounded – Bronze Medal Winner in the 2011 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards (Young Adult – Coming of Age Category) and finalist in the Christian – General Fiction category.

Love the Wounded – 5 Star Review on Readers Favorite (June 2012) – “Love the Wounded” continues the story of Jake, Leigh, Mike Tim and Dylan whom we met in the first two books of this series. It seems all four of these young adults are still struggling with difficulties that life has brought their way. Tim is still trying to come to terms with losing his sister; Dylan will never let go of the anger and bitterness of his dad and sister being killed by a drunk driver; Leigh has just dumped Jake and decides to start dating Dylan within two weeks; and Mike struggles every day because of his dad’s drinking problem. But no one was expecting the accident that leaves Mike fighting for his life, all because of foolish jealously, and all because Leigh can’t decide which guy she likes the best, Dylan or Jake. What a dramatic ending to a wonderful series about five teenagers and their families who are struggling through life, miserable because of anger and bitterness! But the walls started to break down for all of them after the horrible accident that involved Jake, Dylan and Mike.

Lynn Dove has created a cast of teenage characters we grow to love over this three book series, and as I read “Love the Wounded” I couldn’t put the book down until the end because I couldn’t wait to find out what was happening next. I grew to love these five young people, and even though Dylan got on my nerves sometimes, he ended up finding a special place in my heart. I appreciate the way Lynn shows her readers how God loves us, and can heal the hurt and take away the anger and bitterness, no matter how deep it is. I encourage you to not only read this book yourself, but purchase it for your teenager too. It is a wonderful, good, clean book with twists and turns about issues on a young adult level that they will enjoy reading.”


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