The Wounded Trilogy – Shoot the Wounded by Lynn Dove

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SHOOT THE WOUNDED is a contemporary Christian novel that deals with relevant social issues such as teen pregnancy and family violence. Set in the small fictional town of Maplewood, in southern Alberta, best friends Leigh and Ronnie find their friendship and faith challenged when Jake, a good looking Christian boy, moves into their neighborhood. Leigh is especially delighted that Jake is paying more attention to her than any other girl at school or church, but what she does not know is that despite his bold declaration of being a follower of Christ, he’s carrying a dark secret from his past that has the potential to destroy his integrity and have his friends question the legitimacy of his faith.

Exerpt from the book:

In church, the youth were visibly cool towards Jake, as were the adult members of the congregation. Jake noticed that people would almost appear hostile towards him even in church, and he was confused as to the reason. He only guessed that it was because he had chosen to befriend Ronnie and support her through the pregnancy rather than be judgmental of her. He determined that people did not want to become involved in anything scandalous, so they distanced themselves from the entire situation and were in essence disassociating themselves not only from the Webbers, but also with anyone who had contact with Ronnie Webber. It was a shunning of sorts, and he felt angry and confused by it all.

The Webbers rarely made it to Sunday services anymore. They feared leaving Ronnie by herself, but more so they too felt excluded from the close bond of fellowship they had once experienced in the church. Jake couldn’t blame them for staying away. He was disappointed by people’s reactions to the situation and blurted out his frustration one day as he passed some of the youth who were mingling after worship one day. He overheard someone snicker and say Ronnie’s name. The giggling that followed infuriated him.

“Why don’t you shoot the wounded?” he said as he passed them. By their puzzled expressions, he explained. “Shoot the wounded…

Always exciting to see my books in the hands of young readers!


kick her while she’s down, why don’t you? She can’t even defend herself!” He stormed past them, and could feel their eyes glaring into his back. Driving home from church that day, he wondered if he would stop attending the church and find another one with more compassion and sensitivity. Then he thought, No. The families he knew in the church and in the community at large were for the most part good, decent people. They were quite capable of coming to the immediate assistance of refugees in Africa, or collecting clothes for the poor, or giving money to support local worthwhile charities, but they were at a complete loss when one of their own messed up badly. This hit too close to home. There was an awkwardness in knowing what to do or say. It was uncomfortable. It was messy. It was easier to ignore than to respond. Jake had expected his church family in particular to rally around Ronnie and her family and surround them with unconditional love and support.

He wasn’t expecting the reaction from some members of the congregation. The families he thought would lend physical, spiritual, and emotional comfort for Ronnie and her family were the most distant. The families he thought would be supportive were not, and the ones he hadn’t thought would be supportive, were. He was especially disappointed by the Douglases. Of all people, he had hoped the Douglases would look beyond Ronnie’s indiscretions and allow God to intervene for good. It bewildered Jake that they even seemed to include him in their silence. When he tried to phone or talk to Leigh, the conversations were short and stilted…

(Pages 82-83 – Shoot the Wounded by Lynn Dove)

Shoot the Wounded, the first book in the Wounded Trilogy was a finalist in the 2010 Readers Favorite Book Awards in the Young Adult category.


Shoot the Wounded, the first book in the “Wounded Trilogy“ is written for youth and young adults, addresses how lies and gossip destroy a person’s spirit. It speaks to the heart of relevant themes such as bullying, teen pregnancy and family violence all the while pointing the characters and ultimately the reader, to hope in Jesus Christ.

is currently being carried in most major Christian Bookstores across Canada and is available at, or order from



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