Unexpected Gifts – Guest Posting by Kerry

Unexpected Gifts

GiftEcclesiastes 5:19

19 Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God.

Festive lights were strung around the walls, and a Christmas tree smothered with ornaments stood proudly in the middle of the room. A hint of hot chocolate tinted the air, along with the aroma of fresh baked cookies and candy canes. Although all this was terrific, it wasn’t the best part. I couldn’t wait to open the presents.

When gift time finally arrived, I wrenched a box labeled with my name from the cluttered pile of presents beneath the tree and peeled the wrapping away intently. Plunging my hand into the box, thoughts of the new Webkinz I longed for swirled through my mind. In my brain, I imagined its velvety ears and smiling eyes. I knew that this exact toy would make the Christmas complete. My hopes rocketed skywards when my fingers closed around a soft object. Gently, I tugged it out of the box. I expected to see an adorable stuffed horse, but instead, a hideous grey sweater filled my vision. My excitement evaporated. The rest of the day was dull; a gloomy cloud hovering around me.

For the next few weeks, the unattractive pullover sat in an abandoned puddle at the back of my closet. Other clothes were frequently worn, but I paid no attention to this repulsive garment.

Suddenly, an icy, winter day forced me to wear the depressingly grey sweater. I reluctantly dressed in it, but the reluctance soon transformed into joy. To my surprise, the sweater was extremely comfortable and surrounded me in a blanket of warmth. Through the whole day, I wondered why I had ignored this piece of clothing for so long.

God gives us gifts that appear in all shapes and sizes. Some may come in glitzy packaging or may seem to fit right into your life. On the other hand, some are disguised in dull coverings or can be inconvenient at the time.

Sometimes you receive presents from God that you want to thrust far away from your life, but that’s not what God wants you to do with them. He intends for you to use them and make them into something that will glorify Him. God has a purpose for all things and He uses these things that seem unpleasant for good.

Kerry is a grade seven student who enjoys writing and reading. You can find her reading, drawing or playing basketball in her spare time.

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