Friday Funnies – Polar Vortex

For people who experienced the Polar Vortex all across Canada and especially along the Eastern seaboard, I’m sure they saw nothing particularly funny about the wind, snow, ice and power failures.  That said, Canadians are a hearty bunch and we actually do get the meaning of “hunkering down” and don’t even take it as an insult!  In fact, people are ordering their “hunker down” certificates by the dozens!  So for those who can say they experienced the polar vortex (polar cyclone, polar low, or circumpolar whirl  as Wikipedia defines it) and can still smile at Canada’s unpredictable weather, here are some funnies just for you!  Oh, and for those who are still under the delusion that there is Global Warming…well, it ain’t happenin’ here in Canada!

Polar Vortex

meanwhile-in-canada 2


Colder than Mars




Meanwhile in Canada Garbage

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