Will March Come In Like a Lion or a Lamb?

Here in Alberta, we’re carefully watching for the first signs of Spring.  Gophers peeking out of their holes, with hawks and eagles circling overhead just in case those gophers decide to stray too far out from the safety of their burrows 😉  We’re also measuring how far the snow drifts are melting with every passing Chinook, but we also know that winter is not over…it’s just in a lull.

March has two major weather patterns here in Alberta: snow and wind, or wind and snow.  You say that’s not much difference…au contraire!  Snow and wind means that March has likely come in like a lion.  Roaring in with blizzard conditions that has us slip-sliding our way into the middle of the month and begging for warmth!  Wind and snow means that we’ve got “lamb-like” conditions, a little blustery perhaps but likely the warm west winds will melt rather than add onto the snow accumulation.  The thing is, it’s not the beginning of the month I look towards most years, it’s the last week of March that often has me curled up in a fetal position wondering why I still live in this frozen wasteland.  It’s just hinting of Spring but those depressing April Showers bring in freezing white hail storms that stomp and wreck havoc all over any unlucky sprouts in my garden that are just peeking up through the dirt.

So will March come in like a lion or a lamb?  That’s not the question.  It’s whether or not March will romp merrily out of the way to give us a sweet reprieve before April careens in with the last vestiges of the white stuff?

Oh, until May…

Chuck Norris was here

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2 Responses to Will March Come In Like a Lion or a Lamb?

  1. sharonespeseth says:

    So, in other words, we just need to wait and see. Thanks, Lynn, for your thoughts on the lion and lamb dilemma. Isn’t it just like us–in matters of weather or life–to stand on our tippy toes to see around the corner.

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